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America is Not the Center of Christendom

It must be said over and over again, that America is not the center of World Christianity. It is a violent country and always has
been from its beginning and its churches have always backed up its aggressive ways whether economic, political or military.

Yet She is considered by the vast majority of Christians church people to be the center of Christian values which is why she is
such a bad example to the world and such a counterfeit, and such a curse to the true principles of the Lord. Sure she gives some
of her wealth to feed the poor and sure she has some great Christian and great missionaries, but in general, and overall she is still
ugly America to the rest of the world. And the rest of the world doesn't make up this trait about America and her fasle pride
and arrogancy, but its easy to see by those outside her hallowed church confines. And the mighty and the proud shall fall.

This will happen and it will even be done by the Anti-Christ and seem to be for the right reasons because America will
continue to bully and abuse even after the temporal Political and Religious
Covenant is made.

So the good people inside
America will have to come out of Babylon (Revelations 17 and  Jeremiah ) and they will because the
Lord will warn them and tell them when it is time to go. For the Lord's people will have to dissociate themselves from the
damnaable church doctrine that America is the righteous policeman of the world, for her only standard has always been what's
good for American is what is good for the world and therefore any action is justified if it helps American interests. And even
when she sends missionaries to the poor third world, do they not usually preach that their wealth is a sign of their supposed
godliness rather than the reverse. Do they not usually preach Western values rather than the values of love taught by the Lord
himself? The answer is sadly .....YES

Yet maybe the only worse country is Canada which condones almost everything the U.S. does because they are joined
financially with the Whore. So where is the center of Christianity in the world today? It's not in London England, as that is the
center of the world-wide Illuminati perfidity. It was a center for the Lord's work, but no longer, as the vast majority of the
English are unbelieveing and lacking in faith, just like their monarchy..

Is it Jerusalem? absolutely not, the Jews won't even let anyone talk about their Messiah in the country where he was born.
And for this reason, the angel of the Lord calls Jerusalem, Sodom and Egypt right now, cause without the Lord, this is exactly
what she is, until theLord makes Jerusalem his center once again. But until then where is the center of Christianity in the world

Could it actually be Greece (known before as Ellas .... or the 'light descending') Could it's central location and its literal exact
croos hair positioning on straight lines between Rome and Jerusalem be signnificant as well as being on a line between London
and Giza. Is this by chance. I think not, especially considering Greek  history not only pre Christian but also post Christian in
keeping the faith of the LORD.

So could what Menas, (the messenger) be telling us be true, in the Lord's eyes. I am beginning to think so. It makes sense,
historically, geographically, logically and even spiritualy....

Don't you agree, and if not where do you think the center of Christianity is ?

In His Central Service

David Jay Jordan

PS) This doesn't mean the government of Greece is totally righteous, or that its church system is totally righteous, but it could
mean that the Ellines of Ellas (Greece) its people, that have kept the faith, may have been overlooked by Christendom before
but may play a very large part of the
Last Gathering in the future. SEE Prophecy Boards

IMO (In my opinion)

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