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 #1 Saturday May 19 2018

 Altruistic behavior is the belief that the well-being of others is equally, if not more, important than the well-being or survival of the self. Further, altruism involves selfless acts or undertakings that
put the welfare of others before one's own. It is basically just straight Christianity..... and absolutely opposes the selfish violent and racist doctrine , philosophy and supposed modus operandi of

Evolution teaches that everything is just concerned about itself and they must fight all and everything to survive...for its the survival of the fittest individual, as there is no way group consciousness
and group survival can be explained in evolutionary double speak. The dementia of Evolution teaches that this survival mode, of violence and greed and selfishness involves beating those of their
own KIND and every other species.

Yet in real life, humans can choose to live together in cooperation with others. Its called LOVE. Evolutionists can not explain love, they hate love, yet try over and over again to say they have
love and give love in their evolutionary ways. But its a contradiction.

Altruistic acts between those of the same KIND or on other KINDS proves there is a God of LOVE that created all KINDS.

And the evolutionists ground some more of their fanged teeth and will l state they do have love and that their love is greater than God who is love or greater than Jesus who displayed LOVE all
His LIFE, and then gave HIS LIFE unselfishly for ALL, for ALL TIME. Herein is another nail in the coffin of evolution biologically, according to science, facts, observation, and truth.

#2 Monday May 21

Evolutionists hate love as evolution teaches the acceptance of racism and violence, and helps create vile diseases that kill and depopulate. God is LOVE, and Jesus showed love all His life and
through HIS DEATH. Love is impossible in evolution theory as love between the same KIND is unexplainable because to each his own and survival is supposed to come from competition not

Evolutionists hate LOVE, but try to show they are more loving than God .... who is LOVE

#4 Tuesday May 22

  A social necessity or advantage does not pass onto the next generation... it is taught, it does not and can NOT go into our genes. All babies since the BEGINNING are the same..Read and
study and try to counter...

Our brains have not evolved Thread... no beneficial mutations can come about because of the environment. Supposed make believe beneficial mutatons have to enter our sex genes in early
embrilogical development, again study and know embriology.... Nothing we learn can change our gemes we pass onto our children.

All children must choose, as that is the Creators LAW. Nothing is inbred into them whereby they must LOVE and CO-OPERATE. They are not robots created to absolutely obey, THEY
MUST CHOOSE individually. How many times do I have to tell you dumb stupid evolutionists...... choice is paramount with the Lord and each individual has to choose whether they will love
or not love, co-operate and share or be selfish, hoard, and steal or take from their neighbor.

Evolution teaches violence and racism and excuses, Creationism teaches love and co-operation, but each must choose love, it is not genetically put in us to automatically love.

#10 Wednesday May 23

 No, *********... you evolutionists have to explain how Bono's use love and love making as a way of fulfilling their needs so they co-operate rather than fight among themselves.

You have to explain how that instinct came about by beneficial mutations in their gonads... as their experiences with their fulfilled gonads does not change their DNA...as I have mentioned.
Like other altruistic acts and symbiotic relationships you evolutionists have to state how this could ever happen when so called beneficial mutations can not be caused by the environment or
experiences or anything learned.

I repeat, NOTHING we learn goes into our gonads...

Ha, its not what goes in that matters but that what comes out is the same as when the Lord created that KIND, and instinct and behaviour..

#19 Thursday May 24

  This thread is about altruistic behavior and how evolution theory does not allow for altruistic or acts of love between individuals of the same KIND or different KINDS.

Love negates evolution, and its philosophy of survival of the meanest and vilest and most advanced militarily wins the competition for power and greed and dominance....

But love always wins... always .... because God is LOVE

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