David Jay Jordan's

 5 -- Altar Stone to King’s Chamber

         1674 A.D. to 2004 A.D.

To reach the climax and the end of our
journey down and then up the Great Pyramid
through its passageways and steps, we shall
have to have taken the Great Leap of Faith up and onto the Altar Stone.

So let’s calculate the time until the END if in fact an inch does correlate to one year, just as in all
the other calculations in our spiritual journey and Man’s History. Well we established that the
Great Step to its base was in the year 1614, but that’s not to the vertical apex 36 inches above.
Because at that height, the distance from the start of the Grand gallery to its Altar Stone Step height is
91.36 cubits. (SEE  
http://repertorium.net/rostau/measures.html ) Converting this into inches, we get
91.36 x 18 = 1644 years. Therefore let’s now add this to the time when Jesus died, at 30 A.D.
and we have  1644 + 30 = 1674 A.D. as the start of the horizontal clear passageway onto the Kingâ
€™s Chamber.

But how far is it to the entranceway of the King of Kings Chamber ? According to
benabraham.com and other sites, its 113 inches to the Ante Room, 116 inches across the Ante Room,
and then 101 inches to the Entranceway of the Kings Chamber. Add these up and you get 113 + 116
+ 101 = 330. Let’s convert this to years making this time frame …. 330 years. And amazingly this
correlates directly to the Music of the Pyramid, as 3 times 110 hertz is 330. Because 110 hertz is the
resonance frequency for Granite and the Pyramid ( SEE
29 Steps).

But prophecy wise, if we add 330 years to 1674 A.D. we get 2004 A.D. This year !!!
So does this mean we have just entered into the King’s Chamber in time. Well, its debatable, as
there still exists a mystery because Enoch said very specifically that there would be 7,000 years until
New Heaven and New Earth, arrived, and it would be 1,000 years after the start of the Lord’s
Millennium. And if we add 6,000 years to 4004 B.C. the time of Creation, then apparently our 6,000
year’s of man’s rule ended in 1997 A.D. (SEE
1,000 Year divisions and 6,000 Years of World

We are 7 years past that time, and we still have 7 more years to go before the End according to the
very specific and exact timeframe of Daniel and John the Revelator and all the Lord’s Prophets.
Daniel and Revelation timeline) So there is a difference of 7 inches or years in the Descent and
Ascent of the passageways to the Kings Chamber. For instead of being 6000 inches exactly, it seems
to be 6007 inches. Does this make sense, Well in True Church History, Jacob who became Israel had
to serve Laban 7 years for Leah, and then 7 more years for the bride he truly loved…Rachel.
(Genesis)  So there’s where the additional 7 years to 2004/2005 comes in and the 7 more years of
additional service in the world to find the true lovers and bride of the bridegroom. This being our job
and ministry from here to the End….. Find the Lost Sheep and the Bride of Christ ( SEE
Bride of
Christ in O.T.) to present to Him at His Coming. ( SEE confirmations in the Christ Triangle, and
Additional 14 Years ).

Do you love the
Lord of Lords ? Are you part of His Bride ? Are you ready for His Coming ? It’s
NOT now, but there isn’t long to wait, as in 3 and a half years, when the
Tribulation starts, the lines
will have been drawn and the seals and marks distributed. Whose side are you on ?

David Jay Jordan

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