David Jay Jordan's

                          Aliens, UFO's, the A.C. and Demons

  To connect up U.F.O.'s with the Illuminati is rather a simple process once you realize that aliens are just demons and that unidentified flying
objects are just their vehicles. Because of this when you read about the blue and gray alien demons helping American Illuminati projects at Montauk
etc., you'll understand the demonic help the American government and other governments are aligned with. Similarly when you read about some of
the major advances in so-called man's technology like the Stealth bomber etc., it should dawn on you that these insights didn't come from man's
imaginations but from spiritual beings from the evil spiritual dimension. (See
Stolen Knowledge) I mean, they have existed beyond our eye sight for
these thousand of years, so now that American researchers and Illuminati scientists world-wide are working side by side with them in their evil
little bodies shouldn't make anyone cringe in unbelief.

But many times otherwise supposedly intelligent people will be in denial, that these various demons are demons. They irrationally think they are
advanced aliens from other worlds without even reasoning the facts and what any true researcher could find out about them. For, YES, their
existence is either hidden by government agencies or de-spiritualized by the 'goyum' U.F.O. junkies. And, YES, people want to hope beyond hope
that there is a life force beyond our dimension and therefore a "God or 'gods' or 'intelligence' brighter than us mere mortals. But are these intruders
really gods, that steal our people and probe their brains and bodies with unmentionable tools of invasion

For if they were gods, with a high technology so much greater than ours, why would they not have just simply taken us over long ago. Why if
they are so advanced are these so-called aliens still trying to find out what makes us tick through their so-called endless medical examinations of
our bodies. For any body in their right mind would understand that a highly advanced people wouldn't have to continually do such experimentation,
but are rather doing it for other purposes as a method of implantation and fear, of the not-too-bright humans they abduct. In spiritual terms, these
human abductees because of their receptivity in fear, become 'possessed' in literal terms as they can be controlled from without and from within in
exactly the same way humans of all ages have been possessed by evil spirits.

For these aliens or demons have no new tricks under their Son, and they have no power beyond what the Lord of All Spirits has given them. This
is why they are NOT allowed to take over until their time has arrived. (SEE
Revelation Timeline)  For until they can openly show themselves, they
will stay hidden behind the scenes.

Until the Illuminati have taken over the world through their leader the Anti-Christ (3 and a half years after the signing of the Mid-East Religious and
Political Peace Covenant), these demons and devils now called aliens will not reveal themselves. Yet after the new False Messiah has shown himself
and declared his so-called 'supremacy' then these evil little devilish spirits can make a public showing in support of their man. Such a display will
bring in the massive numbers of New Age U.F.O. cult followers to the masses of other 'goyums' to further worship the A.C. ( SEE
Prophecy Board )

So who then will balk at following the Illuminati's man when the three major religions and the New Agers and the materialists money-makers and all
will be on his side.Will the believers in man's power save the day and come to the rescue of the world, Will anybody be able to stop the New World
Order. Of course, not because  it has been written and decreed by the
Lord in His Prophecy that they must have their time in their Son.. .

Will we defeat them in the long run....absolutely for their power is nothing compared to our Lord's Power. And that's not my opinion ...that's the
facts according to History, Scriptures, Science and Prophecy


David Jay Jordan

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