David ï¿¿Jay Jordan's

              Additional 21 Years

          1997 to 2017/8 A.D.

Enoch the designer of the Great Pyramid, stated that there would be seven thousand year periods in History. And as we know the
Millenium of 1,000 years comes after the 6,000 World History of Man. (SEE Book of Enoch) So WHY, does the passageways to the
Kings Wall in the Great Pyramid of the Lord extend 6,007 inches rather than 6000 inches as anticipated. Where did the extra 7 inches
or 7 years come from ? And WHY was it included ?

For the Earth was created in 4004 B.C. and if you add 6,000 years to that date you get 1997 A.D.  But we are past 1997 and the Lord
still has not returned in the sky as He promised and today in 2004, He still cant come back for another 7 Years until After the
Covenant of Daniel has been signed. (SEE

But where in the Great Pyramid can these missing 21 years be found and why have they been added to the
6,000 year history of the
Earth. The Great Pyramid must show a 21 inch addition, so lets find it. Because if we look at Bible History, we can see the parallel of
Jacob in a 21 year period. For Jacob who became Israel had to serve his tyrant uncle Laban, 7 years for each of his daughters. and then
an extra 7 years to gather his sheep.

He wanted to marry Rachel first who was the youngest of Labans daughters, but Laban switched her for his older daughter Leah,
when Jacob was drunk from the wedding feast. And so Jacob had to serve another ˜week or 7 Years for the right to marry Rachel. And
it is from these two wives and their handmaidens that Jacob fathered the children of Israel who became a nation.

So in this light and because of this exact parallel, with Christ being the Bridegroom and we being the Bride, there has to be a 14 Year
period where Christs Bride must be gathered and another 7 years to gather the
OTHER SHEEP of the Lord  (SEE Bride of Christ in O.
T. and Last Gathering). This is our job and ministry in the LAST DAYS, not to just witness His Words to the multitudes, but to
actually and literally gather his Virgin Bride of 144,000..

So in the first seven years after 1997 we serve for Leah, and then seven more years for Rachel, and 7 more years  for all the remaining
OTHER SHEEP and people of the Lord. His sheep of His Pasture  And that explains the additional distance in the Great Pyramid. .
For the all the 'Brides of Christ', the 1444,000 must be sealed before the Great Tribulation

Rev 7: 3-4  Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their
foreheads. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand
of all the tribes of the children of Israel.
(SEE 144,000).

And then comes the Great Tribulation, the time when all the
Anti-Christ forces shall be released to rule the earth for three and a half
years, til the 2nd Coming of the Lord and our rapture to Him. (SEE
Rapture after Tribulation )..... followed shortly by the Wrath of
God, culminating in the Battle of Armeggeddon. (SEE
Revelation outline).

In other words we are gathered in the Additional 21 years of the Great Pyramid Prophecy as did Jacob serve 21 more years, and then
we shall be wed and sealed by our Bridegroom, Jesus. This for our protection during the worst time in human history, the Great
Tribulation. Yet we shall go on, and their kingdom shall not last.

IMO according to prophetic scriptures...

David Jay Jordan

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