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 'Adam and Eve' were Real

   Adam and Eve weren't mythical beings  or fairy tale characters dreamed up by biblical authors, but the first male and female created
by the Lord. So don't let any devoid ones tell you differently. For whether through scriptures or science, you can have 'faith' in the
existence of Adam and Eve. They were real !  I mean, unlike evolutionary thinking, the Bible left no gaps in the historical record, as it
goes right back to the beginning of Creation called' Genesis'. And 'Genesis' wasn't written by just anyone, but by Moses himself, in
face to face conversation with the Lord. So in forty days and forty nights, you can be sure, he got it absolutely right. And it is for this
reason, that there are no contradictions in Genesis concerning the Creation of the Universe or the Lord's His-story..

We have no missing links as the Lord made sure Moses wrote down every generation and gave the exact number of years until the next
generation came along. It may seem boring, but such detail makes sure there is a direct link and an exact number of years between
Adam all the way to the Flood onto King David. (SEE
Exact Forefathers Graph). For we have a continuum from the past all the way
until today and therefore there is no prehistoric animals or prehistoric history...that's a fabrication of '
Religious Evolutionists'.

I mean even genetic science, has now admitted that an original couple could have easily brought about all the variations of the family
of man. Because as we know, there was not separate evolution of different races at different places at different times, such multiple
bang theories are literally insane and racist. For unlike evolution and its doctrine, we know that all men are created equal and will be
treated '
Equal' by the Lord, and no race or nationality is superior to any other race. (SEE The Lord is not nationalistic).

And besides, Jesus himself confirmed that Noah and the Worldwide Flood of Genesis 6, was real and historical, so how can any
Christian not believe in the literalness of Adam and Eve. (SEE
Jesus confirmed Noah). You just can't sort of believe that Adam and Eve
existed, they either did or they didn't as no so-called compromise belief system is possible according to Jesus.

For again the references to Adam and Eve are not just in the first chapters of Genesis but throughout the Bible, as the Lord's prophets
from Job, to Luke and Paul, and Titus, and all talked about Adam. And when Joel in Chapter 2, talked about the Garden of Eden, he is
not talking about a mirage or an illusion but about the literal Garden in which Adam and Eve were placed. (SEE
Location of the
Garden of Eden).

And creation in an instant by an all-powerful Creator is not unscientific but the only possible way for our amazingly harmonious and
advanced bodies could have ever come into being. It is absolutely impossible for us to have mutated over millions and billions of years
into what you see today. We are the most highly technologically advanced being ever created and literally '
Made in the Image of God'.
Therefore, the more you study
Science, and Math, and Physics, and Biology, and even Geography and the Earth, the more you start to
understand the absolute precise and exact design of the Lord of Lords in creating matter and all the laws that make our world.

So believing in Adam and Eve is scriptural and scientific in my opinion, as well as logical and rational. And because no matter where
we live and what race we are or what nationality we are, Adam and Eve are still our common ancestors, which makes us all brothers
and sisters.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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