David Jay Jordan's

                           The A.C. knows your face

The up-coming Anti-Christ regime will have high tech means of annihilating any that do not go alone with His
supposed Divine Rule.   So unlike some false teachers, that have told their flocks that they can work, live and
witness in His Rebellion against the God of Heaven, the truth is we won’t be able to mingle among them nor
work for them and especially not witness to them, but will have to separate ourselves from them. We can’t take
the MARK, but pray we have been obedient enough to receive the Lord’s Seal, for they both happen at the same

And the Anti-Christ will know his own, who have his MARK, and will even know those rebels who have refused to
take it. He will know their faces. To prove this, all you would have to know, is that at the Last Super Bowl, high
tech security was in place to supposedly stop any troublemakers from entering the GAME. Over 100,000 fans
showed up at the gates and videos camera’s took pictures of their faces and matched their facial characteristics
with those recorded on wanted posters etc. From these matches they identified 17 people that had outstanding
warrants and it only took seconds, before the computers identified them.

In other words, you don’t have to be too bright to realize, that the A.C will be using such high tech equipment
and much more sophisticated ones in his search to weed out any that won’t conform to his rule. You won’t
last, you won’t be able to go out in public much less to a social event. They can identify you from any picture
they can get their hands on. So let’s say a small group, gets put on the ‘criminal list’ and becomes an
outlaw organization.Suppose they found your picture page of your fellowships, because then they would know your

And the truth then would be they can easily measure your facial features and have your facial identification to
match up with the multitude of cameras they will be using to scan public places and work places and educational
institutions and churches. They will have your face in their memory and the A.C. will know your face and be
looking for you. So once again, at that time you better be spiritually prepared to make a run for it, in the direction
the Lord has already outlined.

We can’t fight the evil in our own strength, as only the Lord’s Spirit can, and we are instructed to flee into
the mountains and into the wilderness.

In my opinion from Scriptures and High Tech Surveillance

David Jay Jordan

Jan 2001

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