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                                                  An Acre, 8 x 8 Magic Square

                                                       â€˜The Chessboard of Life’

There’s something very special about an acre. It is not some arbitrary measurement of land, but a sacred area corresponding
directly back to the Lord’s Creation of us and the EARTH we have been put on. For originally an acre was the amount of area
a man could plow with a pair of oxen in one day. In other words, it related straight to WORK and TIME. It was a plot 660 feet by
66 feet, meaning a man plowing would have to make 66 rows or passes of 660 feet to plow his acre. This would give him a spacing
of one foot between rows.

Is a foot a random measure, again absolutely not as it is the divine distance of our literal feet, from heel to toe.. And a ‘foot’
or 12 inches relates back to a span which is 9 inches and the distance between our middle finger and thumb when spread out for
measuring. While an inch is the measure of one of our finger digits, and they all adding up to a sacred cubit of 18 inches, or one and
a half feet. The cubit being also the distance between our finger tip to our elbow. (SEE also
Lord's Golden Section in Human

These measurements were not concocted by man but by the Lord because they correspond directly back to the ratios the Lord
made according to the template of our physical bodies. Our exact distances may not be the same as these measurements but our
ratio’s according to our heights approximate them almost exactly, with very little deviation. Why, because we are ‘
Made in
the Image of God’.

A cubit being the sacred measure,  the Lord directed Moses and later King David in using when constructing His Tabernacle and
Temple. Their measurements being a perfect example of the multiplication and expansion of the original CUBE into twice that
size, a double cube or rectangle, illustrated by the dimensions of the Holy of Holies into the Holy Place.

So the Lord’s measurements are very important and are always in correspondence and HARMONY with each other. This
being just like the way the planets and our Moon are musically harmonic with each other. (SEE
Music of the Spheres) And why
even we will be musically arranged around the Lord’s Tabernacle in the End-Time. (Consider Musical Encampment of the

But back to our work and an acre, as the Lord’s Day would give us enough time to plow an acre. We having half of a day, or
the time of daylight of 12 hours, or 720 minutes or 43,200 seconds to complete such a task… and this timeframe, even itself
relates back to the distances between us and the Moon and the Sun (Consider
Moon and 216).

And consequently in ten days we could therefore plow ten acres  And this amount of area is a square FURLONG. Why because a
furlong is 660 feet in distance, and it takes 8 of them to make a mile of 660x8=5280 feet.

This meaning that a furlong is a measurement of angels when they measure the larger creations of the Lord, such as New Jerusalem,
or as mentioned the work we could and should be doing for the Lord in plowing His fields. Ten days meaning we would be able to
plow one square furlong.

Mile is to the Earth                                   1 :  7920
Inch is to a furlong           1 x 12 x 660     1 :  7920

In other words, we can comprehend the Lord’s creative abilities with ours. A mile is to Him what an inch is to us. Or an inch is
to us walking a mile what a furlong measure is to Him in creating the whole Earth.

Furlong is to the Earth                               1 :  63,360
Inch is to a Mile        1 x 12 x 5280           1 :  63,360

So it seems that we and the Lord’s larger measure meet and synchronize within a square mile as 8 furlongs equals a mile. And
hence a square mile is 8 furlongs by eight furlongs…. And Lo and Behold this is the grid of a chessboard… a 8 by 8 square mile.

Therefore maybe the mysterious origins of a chessboard relate straight back to what we can comprehend and work and conquer in
our realm of life within a square mile. Maybe each piece and its moves, and the game make its grid and our actions upon it, more
like the CHESSBOARD OF LIFE. Maybe the black and white pieces represent good and evil battling it out on the field of life.
And maybe the victory we are asked to achieve in life is paralleled by us, moving forward and conquering the dark side.

The Templars and later the Masons used this white and black chessboard of life grid in their constructions of temples, as it was
also incorporated into their ‘Mysteries’, so is it not part of the real ratio’s of sacred measure we might have to
understand. (SEE
Magic ratios and Who made the distances). And if it is said that the Knight’s Tour, across this board, is
extremely important somehow, or someway, should we not know this magical mystery tour, if we are Knights in search of the
Grail, and in search of VICTORY.

Knight’s Tour

In His Knightly Service