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                                                       Creation (Temple) Number  - 792

Hear Oh Israel, The Lord Our God is ONE,  (Deuteronomy 6: 4)..... and He has 3 forms, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and these 3 are
1 (I John 5; 7) and form the TRINITY. And this equal Trinity of Power can be represented by an equilateral triangle inscribed with
His Hebrew name, Yahweh. This can also be pronounced Jehovah, but is spelled Yod-He-Vau-He in Hebrew consonants. In
triangular form, with the alphanumeric values of these letters in place, it adds up to His
Great Number 72.

And with His Great Number, the Lord created all things according to His Name and His WORD and words, by going from 1 an
infinitely small, but infinitely large point, to a line between 2 points, to His Triangle of 3, to a square of 4 that can encompass a
circle, to the  
Template of life at 5, to a  Hexagram of electricity at 6... and so on ....

But in this progression, it seems the Lord uses His Magical Unseen
abilities of His  
Number 11 to magnify His Name of 72 to 792
72 x 11 = 792

As this factor is present in so many of His Created Temples, whether
GREAT PYRAMID at Giza, His Eternal Phi Pyramid of NEW
JERUSALEM, or the  great Central Home of the Universe, EARTH.

  The Lord is good, and His mathematical and creative feats are absolutely amazing and consistent. Don't you agree ?

In His Service