David Jay Jordan's

        6,000 Prophetic years of Earth's History

Prophecy deals with time and to understand the future of time you have to understand the past and it's
time and timeline. So prophetically speaking the Earth is only 6000 years old since the Creation of
the Worlds and everything on them, in '
Six literal 24 hour days'. Adam was told to wait 5,500 years
(remember he lived over 700 years), Esdras was told their was 12 divisions of time (of 500 years each),
and the millenium is the 7th one thousand year period meaning up till this point there has been 6000
years of world history. And similarly the Lord said through his psalmist. 'A day is as a thousand
years'.... meaning the  six creative days are paralleled by six thousand years of His-story and then His
thousand Year reign called the Millinium.
For then we are back to seven and that brings a completion of the week or seven days of creation.

Because as we should know the Lord created Heaven and Earth and there was no evolution  (SEE
Creation Board). And besides, there is absolutely no evidence of anything prehistoric. Nothing
preceded the Lord’s recorded history. Genesis is the beginning and Jesus is the Alpha and the
Omega, the beginning and the end. Anything else is evolutionary dogma put out by the religious
evolutionaries and their hoped for, dreamed up faith of unbelief. Yet their faith in evolution which is
based on no facts whatsoever. No where in the geological record is there anything but the proof that
there was a Flood and that the earth is 6,000 years old. All other dates are irrational and pretense.

Similarly archeology proves that civilization started quickly via a very intelligent and rational
creation of God called man and woman. There were no cave men and women, only hunters and
gathering men and women that sometimes used caves in their travels. Few lived long term in caves
and none were neither Neanderthal nor ape-men, all such concoctions are forgeries, simple and
straight forward.

The first man and woman from which all mankind came was Adam and Eve literally. They were real
as science is now proving with the fact that all our DNA came from a single mating couple. Whoâ
€¦Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  A simplified version of their story was given to Moses and
written down in Genesis. Straight forward and simple yet very precise in its order and it's clarity. If
you need more information just read the Book of Adam or Enoch.

Secondly a day has always been the same as obviously the Earth's rotation hasn't changed since the
Lord created it, and the plants wouldn't have survived millions and billions of years without a sun as
indicated in Genesis. Because remember the Bible isn't allegorical but precise and all its
mathematics are exact. For how else would you trust it. Yet if your faith isn't up to its standards, that
doesn't make it wrong or people's lack of faith right nor a compromise with insane false science

Why…. because True Science and True History point to the fact that this old Earth ain't that old.
This is why all those genealogies were given to be able for us to trace back our roots and even to the
Creation of the World. (SEE
Graph from Adam to Flood)

So by adding up all these lengths of time between generations in these genealogies, by going
backwards in time, it appears that the World and worlds were created back in 4004 B.C. or thereabouts.

There were no millions and billions of years involved in the Earth’s History as the insane talk
about but mere thousands of years. Those crazy light year distances and times no longer hold any
meaning whatsoever because the speed of light can be surpassed in the Spirit as science has now
found out (See Red light Shift.. or the
Earth is the Center of the Universe)

There’s nothing prehistoric nor any prehistoric animals that weren’t part of the original
creation (See
Evolution is a Lie, or Dinosaurs and the Bible or Loch Ness hyperlinks). So there is no
missing link in man’s ancestry nor any ‘missing link’ in the Earth’s History. It is all
there for all to see and study, for if we seek, we shall find the truths of the Earth’s 6,000 Year

In my opinion according to the
Lord and His scriptures

David Jay Jordan

Also consider Enoch's words ....

Chapter 33  .... And I appointed the eighth day also, that the eighth day should be the first-created
after my work, and that the first seven revolve in the form of the seventh thousand, and that at the
beginning of the eighth thousand there should bea time of not-counting, endless, with neither years
nor months nor weeks nor days nor hours.


So there will be 7,000 years of human history before the Lord stops time and we get into ETERNITY
with the creation of His NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH which happens after the 1,000 Year Reign of
Christ called the Millenium.

Straight forward and simple and EXACT ....
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