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Last Seventy Years
--------------Last Fifty Years (Jubilee)-------------
The Children of God started the Jesus Revolution by His Spirit back in 1967 in Huntington
Beach California. They spread through out the world, helping thousands if not millions despite
their many flaws, especially among their leadership. They slowly dis-integrated with the death of
their leader in 1994. Yet were significant as a marker, maybe even some of them may be part of
the 144,000 that shall gather in the Last Days and follow the 2 Witnesses.
So if you take one jubilee or fifty years from their birth, you get 2017, which should be the
year, the long awaited Daniel Covenant is signed by ten nations.This meaning the Great
TRIBULATION would start 3.5 years later in early 2021, when the AC has taken control of the
Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and declares WAR on us.