432 - Key of 'Star of David'
Consequently  a furlong is to an inch      1/7920       (660 x 12)
  what a ......    mile is to the Earth      1/7920
And the Great Pyramid (Giza) is a 10,000th of New Jerusalem  

PART FOUR    432  the Key of the Star of David

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We are now going over that the Temple Number or Earth NUMBER is 792. For as you notice below, the distance of a
base of New Jerusalem is
7,920,000 feet, while Earth has a diameter of 7,920 miles, and if you didn't know it Giza , the
Great Pyramid is a minature version of New Jerusalem, having a base measurement at its wall of
792 feet. All of these
measurements having the Number
                     NUMBER 11
1080 miles

Total 5040 miles
3960 miles

Square Root of Phi
Height of a
Phi Pyramid
O.K. so now let's go in basic simple sacred geometry, which
integrates the
Lord's MATH with the Lord's Creation. This being
taught unfortunately only in secret
Mystery Schools by secretive
societies because it was too powerfull to be taught to the masses.
And one of the basics, that almost all of you should have
recognised by now is the 'Squared Circle' in which
Leonardo DaVinci drew the naked man. This simply
speaking just an illustration that in going from a square,
flat geometry to the living geometry of a circle. A circle
that is the square root of phi longer than the base of the
square will have the same circumference as that square.
But this giving you a cross-sectional triangle with 1,
1.272, with a slope of 1.618. And the ratio 1.618 is the
magic ratio of the GOLDEN SECTION or PHI. Go over
this article and it may be easier for you to understand
Squared Circle For do go there to also correlate the
amazing correlations with
3168 and geography that the
Lord did with not just His Birthplace but with the whole
Earth, and its circumference
So Now, looking to the left, notice that if you combine the Earth with
the Moon's radius'es in the classic sacred geometry equation, you get a
total distance of 3960+1080=5040. Ha this being the summation of
Plato's perfect NUMBER (
1x2x3x4x5x6x7) And that means, this
addition of the Moon to the Earth because of their sacred distances
designed and proportioned by the Creator makes a PHI Pyramid.
with a height of 1.272 (the Square Root of Phi) and a slope of 1.618
which is the PHI RATIO of power. Consequently with the Moon (
New Jerusalem) coming down from the heavens and descending to
Earth, it makes the whole Earth a Phi Pyramid. (shown in red).(SEE
New Jerusalem is a PHI Pyramid)
Yet, the same calculations can be done for the diameters to show this PHI relationship, and then we again can see the 432
connection to the
Moon and its 216, and how it creates a Phi Pyramid temple when it descends to the Earth. Are you catching it ?
A sacred temple like New Jerusalem with the power to project to the whole Universe (SEE
PHI projection to stars geometry) has
to PHI geometry and it does.

For keep this in mind as we go, because we shall be heading into the Temple of the Great Pyramid and finding out what hertz was
associated with
432, and used to activate its chambers and what frequency we may employ to harmonically mesh with the Creator
and His Creation. If interested in exploring these truths, continue on.... stopping along the way to make sure you have grasped each
concept, for as the prophets said, 'It is precept upon precept, line upon line....' as we climb higher up the Lord's Grand Passage