David Jay Jordan
Again allow me to think out loud and put it on electronic paper, in case it proves important and precise and exact. Because the
Lord is exact and all we have to do is get it exactly right to find his exactness, that only He could have created. So previously
from a study of the Ramp of the Lord. We discovered that the Lord demanded that a ramp had to ascend up towards His altar
of sacrifice rather than having steps.


And the ramp as with the Cydonia One and the Avebury one, and as with His magnificent Grand Gallery ascent ramp of Giza,
all had to be at a precise exact angle called the Christos Angle.


It being the slope angle created when there is a base of two and a height of 1. That's simple enough to create. Just form a right
triangle as the Egyptians used to do with a 3-4-5 knotted triangle, and you automatically form a Christos angle when the base is
2 and the height is 1.

And when you relate this to the temple of Temples, the Tabernacle or Temple of the Lord. You see that it also has a sacred
ratio in the Holy of Holies of 2 to 1. Its ratio of width to length was ten cubits to 20 cubits whereas the Sacred Womb or Holy
of Holies was and is 10 cubits by 10 cubits by 10 cubits.

For again reverting back to your sacred sexual basics that this design of the Lord is replicative, reproductive, fertile and sexual
just as His first commandment is sexual in multiplying from one with one to two to three. Multiplying and being fruitful !!!

The Holy of Holies cube forming two cubes or the Holy Place, all connected by the Christos Angle up to the Altar of Sacrifice
for those that have faith and have been cleansed by the WORD of the SON/SUN.

So as in the one demensional, and 2 demensional, so in the three demensional must there be a Christos Angle into the Holy of
Holies and to light the darkness of its fertile womb with the light and seed of FIRST LIGHT, as a virgin.


And this is exactly what does happen on the Equinox or time of Creation of equal day and night at Jerusalem. For at dawn
(SEE earlier post) the first light of the SUN rising in the East, penetrates from the northeastern corner of the Holy Place
(aligned exactly EAST) and strikes the back southeast corner of the Holy place 20 cubits in, making an exact angle of 26.3
degrees, the Christos Angle.

By chance, absolutely not, by design,  ...... sacred design and alignment.

And again by design a line running through the Temple Mount of Jerusalem when extended goes exactly to the Giza Pyramid,
with a continued angle of 26.3 degrees.


So the Lord with His mathematical mind that created all mathematics and all sciences, has figured out all angles, not just two
demensionally but three demensionally and with time so that there is always a slope of 26.3 degrees upward to HIM or
downward for HIM, so as to get into HIS PRESENCE.

Hence in the very End before His new beginnings, He descends down the ramp or star case at the Christos Angle of Venus and
Regulus when they align perfectly and exactly.


Theres a time and a place for everything including HIS COMING down the Christos Slope of His stars to bring home His stars
(us, His Bride).

Isn't the Lord amazing and amazingly exact !!!!...
3D Christos Angle Ramp from the Stars