F sharp to 37 in Magic Squares

To connect up why a Magic Square of the Sun/SON with diagonals having a value of 37 can leviatate, you have to understand
that 37 hertz is a harmonic of 740 or 370 hertz which are F sharps. And F sharp is the frequency that is associated with both
sonic stone levitation, and with the frequency sang in the Kings Chamber, and is the only possible wave length that fits precisely
and exactly into the Sacrophagus/ARK,

So there is something very special about the frequency F sharp and its harmonics.

37 times 3 equals  111….The gateway

And knowing that 33 hertz is the frequency of the Lord, for union, and the boundary between energy and matter, and the
frequency within a crystal such as a phi pyramid or New Jerusalem….. These harmonics of 33 hertz also come into play….

33 times 3.3333 = 110   

Hence….. the numbers of the Magic Square which have balance and equilibrium, in their sequence, and draw out a phi pyramid
in their additions, and the 111 Gateway in their line additions of time do relate to a balanced harmony surrounding F sharp.
David Jay Jordan
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