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2nd Exodus Scriptural Proofs

                                        2nd EXODUS in the End-Time

Shalom.... Allow me to give scriptural proofs of why I believe there will be a SECOND EXODUS, an exodus even Greater
than the FIRST EXODUS by Moses and the Children of God. Just some of the 13 innumerable verses that point to this
interpretation and conclusion are below……

Jeremiah 51:6-9,13
Mathew 24:16 ...
Revelations 12:15,16
I Corinthians 10:11
Revelations 12:6
Micah 7:15
Hosea 2:1 & 15
Esdras 15:11
Zechariah 2, 9, 10
Amos 9:11
Joel 2:28-31
Ezekiel 34:13 -25
Jeremiah 23:3,6
John 10:16

So scripturally we are told to 'come out of Babylon' before its
destruction which takes place in just one literal hour of nuclear war. It's
easy for a majority to realize that Babylon the whore is America, the
financially oppressive city, that is making the world drunk

This of course is at least a while away as the Daniel Peace Covenant
hasn't been signed yet (even though proposed for Sept 2000).
Nevertheless because after the first three or so years of the start of
the Covenant period, we should be distancing ourselves from her
(America) as the Anti-Christ conspires to break the covenant (Dan 11),
and persuade others to turn on the whore and destroy her.

We were similarly warned in Jeremiah 51:6-9,13 to 'flee out of the midst
of Babylon' or as Zechariah wrote 'Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest
with the daughter of Babylon.' (Zech 2:7)

Yet after fleeing from America's destruction, by the Beast (the
A.C.)(the king of the North of Daniel 11) we are repeatedly told to again
flee the rampages of the Anti-Christ as he takes over the World. He
subdues the other two toes (Daniel 2), or 2 horns (Revelations 12) or
simply stated two other nuclear powers as the other 7 nations give their
power and strength unto the Beast.

The Anti-Christ surrounds Jerusalem and takes it basically intact and
walks into the Temple of God (3rd Temple, soon to be built after the
Covenant is signed by the Ten) and states that He is the fulfillment of
all scriptures, He is the Christ, the Messiah and there is no need to
sacrifice unto God, for He is God (in his mind) (2 Thess 2)

Yet it takes one month for the abomination of desolation or talking
interactive computer to be SET up in the Temple, which is enough time
for us to make our escape out of Judea and out of Jerusalem as
instructed us by Jesus (or Yeshua in Hebrew) in Mathew 24: 16... 'Then
let them , which be in Judea, FLEE into the mountains'

We avoid the clutches of the A.C. by fleeing and 'escape out of his
hand' into Edom and Moab (Daniel 11:41) We inessense follow the same
pattern as Moses and the original Children of Israel, even having a
water parting as we cross back over the Jordan in our EXODUS to the
wilderness and safety (Revelations 12:15,16)

When you catch this basic pattern and time line, then all the old
testament prophets and all their prophecies which were mainly directed
to the END-Time and the final consummation, make sense and fit
together into one cohesive and climatic storyline and conclusion.

"Now all these things happened unto them for ENSAMPLES (Moses and
the Children of God in the Wilderness) and they are written for our
admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come (1 Corinthinians

Old Testament and New Testament scriptures mesh, not just single
words, sentences, or chapters but whole books. What happened?
before was just a precursor of the greater things and the greater fight
that will happen in our time. The later rain is more exciting than the
former rain.

And the woman (the bride, the church, the called out ones) fled into
the WILDERNESS, where she hath a place prepared of God that they
should feed her there (literally) a thousand two hundred and three
score days ( 3 and a half years or half of 7 years) (Revelations 12:6)

And as Micah (in 710 B.C.) so apply stated, 'According to the DAYS (or
pattern) of thy coming out of Egypt will I shew unto him marvelous
things. The nations shall be confused..' (Micah

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