Let me first say prophecy was given by past prophets so the end time prophets would have a basis, a standard from which to start so they can finnish.
We can not scripturally say, all prophets are evil and false. The Lord shall raise up prophets in the End Time, thinking other wise would surely make us
false. So try the prophets and let them speak. ... forget this labeling and
name calling and just discuss prophecy and precepts.

Therefore let me share with you the Lord's easy HINDSIGHT prophetic markers, that unaware Christians can finnally see and and recognize that will
finnally get them moving away from trust in nationalism, church, politics, militaries etc. etc...

Simple straightforward, the COVENANT is signed by TEN COUNTRIES. Come on nothing can be more blatant than the world stage in ten countries
signing the Covenant. That is such an easy basic event, that even the dumbest of dumb can NOT miss. Its in Daniel and repeated in Revelation. It will take
zero discernment to read about it in the news, and see it on TV. I say it takes the Iranian war to melt them together into compliance.. .but whatever, first
there has to be a COVENANT.

Secondly, according to the days of Daniel seven months later after the Covenant signing, the Jewish priesthood will START TO SACRIFICE before their
Temple, the 3rd temple. This can only be done after a PEACE has been established and a Covenant of the militaries and governments signed and approved.

So then Christian brethren, all Christians better get busy because the written in stone timeline of the Last 7 years has started.

Forget needing to know when the Lord is coming back, for what you have to determine THEN, in the early years after the SIGNING and SACRIFICING
is when the Whore gets destroyed and your positioning as whether you are serving the Lord. For you need to have been serving the Lord and figure out
through prayer whether you will run to so called safe havens or whether
you GATHER as I would suggest, or whether you do nothing and just close your eyes.

The decisions are yours. But the first TWO events of End Time prophecy are extremely easy to discern.... They haven't happenned so look for this TWO
major MAJOR events.



PS ) Isn't it amazing how simple the Lord made prophecy so we could even
have hindsight rather than foresight on the first 2 major events.
David Jay Jordan
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2 Easy Hindsight Prophetic Events
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2 'Not so Easy' Hindsight Prophetic Events
Live and learn ... even goes for prophecy as we have to get our times and events down more exactly as we go, because it is rather important not in theory
but because pour very ongoing lives will depend on it. Below was my original POSTING, way back in 2014, I think it was, but now its 2018...... and I
better update this supposed error now.

   Because from what has happened on October 2, 2018 and because of its confirmations in exact time to the Nuclear War Timing (SEE 9/23) and all the
prophetic time lines onto 2025 and the Lords Return and to Armageddon,allow me to suggest that the first TWO SIGN POSTS of


These are not as easy as I first expected. Why because I would suggest that the Mid East War start is the start of the LAST SEVEN YEARS. This war I
assumed would be just before the signing of the[peace, military, religious, governmental COVENANT of Daniel. But this diplomatic break through by the
Prince of the Covenant takes a while to get everyone to agree upon before the TEN NATIONS agree to it and end hostilities. In other words, all the
diplomatic trips talked about in Daniel 11, dont happen overnight, but take approximately seven months Consequently after the signing, right afterwards
the Jewish Priesthood starts their DAILY SACRIFICE, prayer and thanksgiving prayers and rituals before the secured Temple Mount location. They
know, the signing is coming and they get everything ready for their day... on Pentecost, or Shavuot in 2019 on June 9th.

Hence these two hindsight events IMO happen quickly one after another... rather than separated by seven months or 255 days. The START of the LAST
SEVEN YEARS, therefore started way back in October of 2018, with the assassination of Kashosgi... in Istanbul (Constantiople) on October 2.

Events escalated from and economic wars, sanctions, Gaza troubles, Iran,Syria, Russia, US and Israel conflicts and the MID EAST war will be on....and
ever escalating, hurting the whole world. This beiong when the Prince of the Covenant diplomat will have to start performing his supposed diplomatic
magic in getting all to agree to the Covenant of Daniel.

What does this mean, it means the Start point, of the Last 7 Years, will be earlier than most expected, and they wont be able to determine when the
Nuclear War is, when and where to avoid its effects....when the AC will be taking over after his conquest, and when and where we are to Gather and obey
JUST KEPT ONLINE TO SHOW THE CHANGE, as the timing and discernment isnt as easy as I first implied