David Jay Jordan's

                                    27, 28, & 29th Steps to the LORD

It is said that the 29th Step is the Resh pole in the Reshel, the Great Step, or the Chief Head Stone...... but what does this all
mean. Well in my opinion, it is very possible and probable that this 29th step beyopnd the 28th step is the Great Step into the
Unknown and over the Abyss. And only the Lord of Lords can take this one for us. As surely it can only be achieved through
prayer or intiation or transformation STEPS  via the Lord's
Rituals to the Lord's POWER (SEE Prayers and Rituals in Steps).

And it can't be just in mere words or theological fantasy but in real life and in real science co-relations. So again in my
opinion, these steps to the Lord's Power and Transformation have to coincide with His physical laws of the universe as well.
They have to have their exact and precise co-relations with His design in us and His Creation to take us into the spirit world.
And they should be reasonably simple mathematically to understand, but absolutely impossible to attain if our heart
frequencies aren't right. In other words, none of this knowledge if true, can be used by the dark side because they literally
couldn't tune themselves into the Lord's frequencies, as their heart frequencies just could never be right unless they were One
with the Lord, which would be impossible And so this becomes the conditional fact of all particpants in such a group prayer
or even an individual's prayers. These numbers and frequencies just couldn't be faked or counterfeited by those not aligned
with the Lord, our very Creator.

So allow me to write down a few of the numbers I believe relate to the 29th Step, the step only the Lord can carry us over. And
surely I don't have them exactly right, but there may be clues within and corelations that apply and maybe others can imporve
on them if there is truth here, and we can progress upwards towards the Chief Head Stone, step by step up His Grand gallery of
His Ultimate Pyramid. (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Cyrstal Pyramid)

   108    Voice   - Correlates to (4 x 108) 432 basic frequency of Middle A)
                Start of Praise & Singing   (Psalm 110: 4)
                "108 links the fifth Harmonic to the 3rd when applied to 360" - Rab
   109    Silence - Rest - Sabbath  --
55               Kundalini Frequency - Union
   110    Creation joins In -Resonant Frequency of Granite - Prayer causes excitation with Earth,
Earth's Resonant Frequency 7.83 x 14 = 109.62  Rocks shall join us in singing
                 Decade x Magic Number (10 times 11 = 110)
                 33 Pyramid Frequency x 3 and a 1/3 = 110 (SEE
Absolute 33)
        440 - Pythagorean Tuning
   111     Transformation into Spirit   37 x 3 = 111 37 is
Fine Structure Constant to Spirit
Theory of Everything Equations Confirmations  _ Jerry                   
        444 - Gematria of Pentagrammaton - Star of David with Shin 72 + 72 + 300 = 444
Pentatgrammaton and 444 and Jesus, 888, and 111
                 Piezo electric Spark (SEE Sexy Star of David)
               888  Gematria of Jesus's name SEE
Sacred Geometry Myteries of Jesus
28                     Steps of Grand Gallery of Giza Pyramid
                     SEE  Templar Priest, William Buehler's Writings
56                 1/56
Giza Ratios of Capstone
   112      To the Throne, the Apex of the Capstone, the Creator
              (Carried in the Spirit, done completely by the
Lord of Lords)

29  58-116                   Step 29 Mysterious

But probably a destination, arrived at only by the Holy Spirit, but maybe it does have to do with the calendar system as
Welliam Buehler has written about. So maybe the 29th Step is co-related as the union between the 28 day cycle of the Moon
and 30 day Solar cycle of the Earth..... for  with union between the Moon and the Earth after Millinium, (The basic sacred
geometry of 7920 miles diameter of the Earth with the calling down of the Moon, of 2160 miles, it yields the Phi template of
Creation ... 10,080/7920 = 1.272 the square root of Phi  or height of the new Pyramid on Earth. ... the descending of New
Jerusaelm onto Earth literally, (Revelation 21)  to form a New Heaven and a  New Earth. So maybe this may establish a new
calendar into Eternity making a 29 day cycle ???

But its just speculation, and just a thought,  but the the reshel pole in the resh, surely sounds like the union between the Bride
groom (Jesus) and the Bride, (us by faith) when we shall All be One and living in His Temple on Earth as One.  (See
s )

Therefore, to me it looks like steps of prayer thru specific frequencies from 108 and praise, to the silence of 109, until the
Lord's Creation responds at 110, and we are transformed through His Power into the spirit of 111, to the 28th Step to the
Throne of God, where at 112,  we find out whether He will grant our petition into the 29th Step, the Great Step, into His
Spirit World.

In my opinion

David Jay Jordan