2008 Prophecies
We have also a more sure word of PROPHECY;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light
that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the
day star arise in your hearts:
                                 2 Peter 1: 19
Prophecy Mysteries
2 Witnesses
2nd Coming
Giza Prophecy
Sex and Prophecy
Are you 1 of 144,000
Events leading to 2nd Coming by Alan
David fought nude
Two Witnesses married with Children
Lion and Lioness before Encampment Gate
Leo Lion, tribe of Judah Connection
 Leo's Sickle
 Lion King Descends 2017
Prophetesses in Old Testament
Miriam, the Prophetess
 Israel's Mothers - No child is a bastard
Citizen Mobs of NWO
Danger of Communion
Teleportation in the End Times
Serpent Rouge Magic Squares
New Jerusalem Cornerstone at Giza and Stonehenge
Great Circle Connects Ur, Petra,Giza,
    Petra and Paul
Nakedness on the Ramp
Jewish Female Holy Spirit
Middle of Last 7 years
Venus and 2017
Venus and Jupiter Alignment
World History Design
Heavenly Body Harmonics
Seven Seals
Seven Seal Timeline
Vitruvian Man Graphics Solved
Erotic Male /Female Sameness
Divine Design of Human Face
Face Profile Design
I hate Mother Nature
Forget Geneologies
Laws of Moses vs. Law of Jesus
One People of God not Two
Geneology Means Nothing
In Praise of Marriage
Deborah, Equality and More
All Israel will Not be Saved
Anti-Widow Paul
Only Faith Liberates
Celibate Paul ?