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                                                Only 144,000

    There will only be 144,000 Christians surviving and fighting during the tribulation Period as prophesied by Daniel. For as much as I
have fought the idea of only 144,000 as elitism, exclusivism or whatever you want to call it, more and more facts seem to indicate that NO
there are only 144,000 that are chosen by the Lord in the Tribulation. For the the
Revelation of Jesus Christ distinctly says, there are
144,000 of the twelve tribes of obedient spiritual Israel sealed (Rev 7) ...(Of course many can be confused right here in the beginning by
thinking these are political, natural born, flesh and blood Israeli's many of whom  have rejected the Messianship and the Lamb, Jesus
Christ, but if they can get beyond the replacement doctrine that switched the blessings reserved for obedient spiritual Israel to those that
reject the Lord, and those that are nationalistic, they have a chance at discernment)

   For only heart not flesh is the qualification for entry into the Lord's fold as so many verses and the Spirit tell us. Similarly we must also
remember that Christians that haven't been raptured before the Covenant signing at the start of
Daniel's Last Seven Years and those not
Raptured (because none are) in the middle of the seven years are still going to be around although totally unprepared as the ones before
Noah's flood, and those virgins unprepared with Spirit in their lamps.)

   So if the angel of Revelations 7 hasn't put the
Seal of YHWH or God on our forehead, we are definitely in trouble, as we have
absolutely no protection from the God - created instruments of judgment described in the 5th and 6th trumpets of the Great Tribulation.
People can survive the first four one-third strength natural disasters if fortunate to be living in the right place, but they will not evade
these insect monsters that literally arise and torment those on EARTH that are not protected with the SEAL of God. This isn't fantasy, or
spiritual, but actual real life events. Besides if the angel seals us we are brethren and an instant sisterhood, because the Lord has selected
us not some church or denomination. He selects, He chooses those that have chosen Him or who He knows would love Him if given a
chance even if they are Of Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or New Age heritage. Anyone searching for the truth will find the Truth in Jesus
(Yeshua) for
He is fair and just IMO. and He will include any Jew, or any Christian, or any Muslim that accepts Him.

.   Anyway, we can escape the first four plagues sent down to the Earth, by our 2 prophets because we go to the wilderness and these first
four are more local in their destruction rather than worldwide like number 5 and 6. But there is no middle ground, either you have the
seal or you don't. If you have it, you are into the lord's encampment if you don't you are out. No trial period, no fill out a question form,
we will test you etc. etc., if the Lord seals someone, they are our brethren and we better treat them right. (No racism no sexism, only love
and equality)

   Besides, anyone that doesn't take the Mark of the BEAST will only last a few months at best I reckon. Wayward Christians unprepared
may hide out a while but eventually they will have to eat, and be forced to get the damnable MARK. Why is it damnable, because it sends
the bearer to Hell, and literally dams them. Unsubmissive Muslims, (Allah bless them for not yielding to the Evil man) may also hold out
a while, but if they don't yield they obviously will be obliterated. Similarly surely a few of our Jewish brethren will not want to worship a
mere man (but Dragon or devil possessed) and may decide not to yield, they also will be murdered (Rev 13, Dan ) but they won't last long.
(even though I would assume they would have a spiritual reward for resisting)

   But why ONLY 144,000, because Jesus didn't say there would be millions and billions of His sheep in the End-Time, only
1,000's He
asked would there be faith on Earth when He returned, and by his answer it seems like very little. Again He said, "straight is the gate and
narrow is the way that leadeth to life but FEW find it." We may wish there were millions of us and do everything we possibly can to reach
others and new people outside the supposed circle of believers, but the Lord (and even Ezra in his book Esdras) says FEW.I mean in
Daniel , it says the A.C. even destroys the power of the Holy people and even eventually kills our two prophets. So we may start out with
144,000, but it is obvious we all don't make it to the End (See Dead Sea Scrolls Sons of Light Sons of darkness War Scrolls) because we
are literally fighting for our survival as the A.C. has declared War on us, even though we have some protection like the original Children
of God in the wilderness. We have to do our part and fight, defend ourselves, contend for the faith, together not individually in every far
flung field.

   We are gathered together and actually have the
Tabernacle, Ark and Spirit of YHWH, without it we wouldn't last more than a few days
in the wilderness. If we are directed to eventually go to
Petra, 144,000 can easily fit within its walls, whereas millions and millions
wouldn't. And again as our Lord and literal Saviour from the A.C. said, For as in the days Of Noah so also shall the coming of the Son
of Man be (Mathew 24) Noah knew Decades before the Flood, and we also have been warned decades before the latter Day Rain that
floods the ungodly. So we will have to gather to survive, we have to have an Ark, and from 2 Maccabies 2, it appears we do have one for
our protection, as it has been stored away for our use in the ENDTIME.

   For as in the days of Noah when the Lord saved 8 people from the world's population, if only 144,000 are saved today in the End out of
6,000,000 or so living souls, that ratio would be about 1 in 40,000. And this is consistent with the projecting population of about 333,000
people who lived on the Earth back  in Noah's day, the seventh generation after Adam and Eve. (SEE
Adam to the Flood). Ha and again
it is interesting to note that the Lord's Millennium Temple as spoken about in Ezekiel 41, its huge court yard  could just fit in 144,000
worshippers with standing or kneeling room space of approximately  22 inches square.  And when you consider that the Lord shall be
taking us to petra during the Tribulation, its area  could easily handle the Lord's 144,000. (SEE
Fleeing to Petra & Pics of Petra)

   So according to the preponderance of scriptures and from real life experiences, I am now, convinced more than ever that there will be
only 144,000 that the Lord will seal of all nationalities, tongues, tribes, and races to compose his New Nation of Believers that is born in
a day and becomes
His BRIDE during the upcoming Great Tribulation. And when you read what Ezra, the High Priest also said about
the '
Thousands and not Millions' of believers, it makes what Jesus said about 'Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life
and FEW therebe that find it' make even more sense.  So maybe there are fewrer of us, than we thought and we truly do have to seek to
find the 'lost sheep' of the house of Spiritual Israel.

In His Service    . . . .  Jordan  (Jay)

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Written in 1997
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