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                                              11 and Phi expansions

11 is the magical unseen number of the Lord, but in case you still can't see it and after reading the NUMBER 11 posting and can't
understand how it relates directly back to Him and His Design, consider the additive series of 1 plus 5.

You might already know that the Fibornacci series of a multiplying population such as Adam and Eve started, approximates PHI
with every new generation. Phi being 1.618, and hence every generation expands by 1.618 times its starting population size. With
an additive series, we merely add the last number added to a sum with that sum to make a new sum... For instance 1+1= 2. The
next number in the series being 2 plus the last number added which was 1, making the new sum = 3. Therefore the next Fibornacci
number would be 3 plus 2 = 5. And then its 5 plus 3 making 8. The expansion of 5 to 8 at these first steps is starting to get to
1.618, as here it is 1.6 as 5 becoming 8 has expanded or been mulitplied by 1.6. Later in the expansion it gets right up to PHI itself
of 1.618 ...... (SEE
Phi Graphics)

The Fiboracci series then looks like this ......
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,
55, 89... etc. Can you see how it works now ? And how it relates to PHI.also called the Golden Section.
(And for future reference notice how the first 7 numbers add up to 33 1+1+2+3+5+8+13=33)

So let's make a series using 1 to 5 this time ....
5, 6, 11, 17, 28, 45, 73, 118, 191, 309, 500, 809, 1309, 2118 .....        and then notice how 5 and 6 add up to 11, in the
Graphics                                                                                                                           of the Mysteries of Templars below

And with 500 as a central point

191/500 = .382
309/500 = .618
500/500 = 1
809/500 = 1.618
1309/500= 2.618

and these ratios are a PHI expansion
.382 x (1.618) =  .618
.618 x (1.618) = 1.000
1.00  x (1.618) = 1.618

So is 500 important in the Lord's Design, as a central focal point. Yes, the Lord's PHI Pyramid at Giza had a height of 500 feet. Its
base of 792' including the wall, went up 500 feet the same as the height of Glastonbury Tor, which was used by Joseph of
Armithia and Mary Magdalene and even King Arthur when he was there about 500 years later. Coincidence, again I would suggest,
NO by DESIGN as even the Cydonian Mound used as a temple to the Lord of Lords was also 500 feet in height above the
Maritian plain. ( SEE
Spiral Pathway to Altar ) I mean even the Tabernacle of the Lord in His Temple of this whole Solar System
has a height of 500 seconds, using time instead of feet as the unit of measure. (SEE
Tabernacle of the Lord.) And so eventually we
find out that whether in distance lengths or time, the Lord used the same co-related numbers, and they all go back to the magnifying
power of PHI. Biblically the Lord used 50 years as a measure of time, 50 being a factor of 500 times 10. 50 years being called a
jubilee, and 120 of them being the time frame of man's dominion over the Earth, the Time of the Gentiles...and this adds up to
6,000 Years, yielding Divisions of 1,000 years. So 50 and 500 are phi aligned to the Creator and His Creation, and even to our
worship of Him.   

But if you are hanging in there mathematically, let's go a step further, or should I see a major unit further, as the Lord in His
Tabernacle has 1000 seconds for the orbit of His Heavenly Planet called the Earth. It takes a 1,000 seconds for us to revolve
around His Sun/Son.....as
Jesus is the center of the Universe.  But the time involved in His Light reaching us is 500 seconds, as we
are at a usual distance from Him of 93,000,000 miles and His light speed has been set at 186,000 miles per second. D/e =  
930/1.86= 500 seconds.  

But interestingly enough once again, we can visulaize mathematically this Astronimcal Unit (A.U.) of the distance of the Earth
from the SUN because it is a standard measurement which shows phi relationships with the other planets. Similarly this A.U.
distance is related magically and logically to the
Absolute 33 factor or NUMBER as Batter found on his LIX website. And as you
might have found out by now, 33 hertz is the very resonant frequency of quartz and phi pryamids. Are you catching the magnitude
of the connections of the Lord ?

Batter even came up with this equation ... Golden Mean / 33 = A.U. Meaning that  A.U. sacred distance is related directly to Phi
and even to 33..... and hence we have further proof that the
Lord created the distances and Magic ratios, according to His Design
between the Spiritual and Physical realms. And it sure is comforting mentally, physically and spiritually to know He has
everything under control. As everything works together for good, to THEM that love the Lord and know HIM as their Creator

In His Service


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