Women, Israel, and the Moon Timeline

Following is an online letter to Yacov (Jacob) Seedeater with his reply, which I find very interesting and have used it
in composing "
Our Last generation mathematical proof'. So if interested in the co-relations between Old Testament
truths, the Lord's Created cycles and His Prophecy in the End-Times, do consider first this posting by Vacov
Seedeater posted in its entirety…….


Shalom Mr.Yacov Seedeater,

I would love to have whatever references you may have on this subject..I will look up what you  have given me, please
respond on-line

Shalom aleichem, Kaitlyn;

First let me apologize for taking so long to get back to you; this is a public access terminal and it is not alwas available
when I  would like to use it.Leviticus 12 and Revelation 12 are dealing with the same matter from different,
perspectives of course. The laws of Taharat  haMishpocah, the ritual cleanliness of women after childbirth, are
addressed here in the Torah while a pregnant woman is seen with the moon under her feet in Rev. 12. Let's frist start
with the Hebrew words for moon.

'Yareach' is the common word and two ideas are implied in it. One, the idea of the  ascending and descending cycle of
the moon and two, the color yellow-green. 'Yar' is the same root found in the word 'Jordan'  as in the Jordan river,
which name  means descending judgment, which river the nation of Israel had to cross to enter into the promised land.
This river signifies  death to all that is natural.The yellow-green color associated with the word 'Yerech' is also the
same as the name for the  country Iraq. Iraq lies in the fertile 'yellow-green' lands that straddle the Tigris and the
Euphrates rivers as the waters 'descend'  from the heights of Mt.Ararat and the Zagros Mountains of Kurdistan. The
next word for moon is 'Lebanah', which is associated with the whiteness of the light of the full moon as in the phrase
'by the  light of the silvery moon'. Throughout the New Testament the only references found that mention the moon
speak of it as not  giving off its light. I.e., the nation of Israel was to be obscured about two thousand  years during the
'Age of Grace'. Only in this  passage in Revelation 12 is the moon seen giving off its light, which indicates the end of  
the 'Church Age' and the reinstitution of  the Age of Torah, Daniel's seventieth week.

One denomination maintains that the woman is the 'church' and the baby to be born is Yeshua which is nonsense
because  Messiah brought forth the bride when his side was pierced at Calvary: He brought forth the bride not she
gave birth to him. The  error of insisting that the woman is 'Mary' or the 'Church' is perpetuated by the Madonna and
child myth embodied in the  'Christmas' observances of Catholics and Protestants alike, regardless of their denial of
Babylonian entanglements. That the  woman is Israel is seen in Joseph's dream in Gen. 37. When he told it to his
father, Jacob replied, "Shall YOUR MOTHER  AND I, and your brothers come and bow down to the earth before
you?" Because husband and wife become one flesh,  Joseph's mother, Leah, because Rachel was already dead (Gen. 36:
16-18) is pictured as the moon and representative of  Israel, not 'the church'. Those who say because Jacob had two
wives and two concubines, 'Israel' cannot be represented by  the woman in heaven, consider 2 John 1 and 13 The elder
Also 1 Peter 5:13, She who is in Babylon, ELECT TOGETHER WITH  YOU, greets you. Peter addresses this letter
to 'the pilgrims of the diaspora' that is, dispersed ISRAEL who became believers  in Yeshua at Jerusalem on Shavuot
(Pentecost) in Acts chapter 2. In Gal. 2:7 Paul wrote, the gospel for the cast-offs (Gr  akrobustia; the 'foreskins'; the
part which is 'cast away' after circumcision, meaning the gentiles) was committed to me as was  for the circumcision to
Peter. Very few 'Christians' today acknowledge that there ever was a ministry to Israelites in exile, but  this is a major
theme of the New Testament and was foretold in the prophecies of the Book of Hosea.  Leviticus 12;2-4 says that an
Israelite woman remains in her uncleanness 7 days after the birth of a son, he is then circumcised  on the 8th day, and
then continue in her impurity for 33 days (totaling 40 days). Because bible prophecy often has a scale of a  smaller
magnitude representing a larger one, as in 'a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day', let's let a day  
equal a jubilee of 49 yrs.

Our precedent for this is found in John 4:35 Yeshua says, "Do not say, 'Yet four months and then  comes the harvest,'
Behold, I say unto you, look at the fields for they are already white unto the harvest." There are always 4  months
between Shavuot the beginning of the wheat haarvest, and Succot, the conclusion of the harvest of trees and
summerfruits. It has been (4x490) = 1960 yrs. + 30 A.D + 7 odd years that the harvest of souls have been reaped in
the  mission fields of the earth. that makes 40 jubilees or 4 'jubilee months' or 40 'jubilee days' have transpired since
the resurrection  of Yeshua from the dead, THE THIRD DAY, according to the scriptures. What happened to Israel
for 343 years (7 'jubilee  days'x49 yrs) after the rejection of Yeshua by the nation? This puts us at the end of the reign
of Constantine and I leave it for others to complete the pattern. Now we are 33 'jubilee days' beyond that point and
the moon is now once again beginning to  give off her light as the messianic movement is drawing together the natural
seed of Israel who have become born again and are returning to the ancient paths to dwell in, where the good way is.

The genealogy of Yeshua recorded in Matthew is not a complete genealogy. It is intending to teach something else
beside  natural lineage for that reason. The key to that mystery is found in verse 17. So all the generations from
Abraham to David were 14 generations, from David to the captivity in Babylon 14 generations, and from the captivity
in Babylon until Mshaich  were 14 generations. the Midrash of Exodus, Shemot Rabbah 15, tells us ... before Elohim
took Isrel out of Egypt, He hinted to them (by first commanding them to sanctify the new moons) that their kingdom
would not set for 30 generations ( the month  consists of 30 days and so would their kingdom endure for 30
generations. On the first of the month, Rosh Chodesh, the moon  begins to shed her light and her light grows UNTIL
THE 15TH, and then from the 15th to the 30th, her light diminishes, till it is  no longer seen on the 30th. Likewise
Israel: 15 generations passed from Abraham to Solomon (new moon to full moon) When Solomon came the moon was
full; from that time, the Kings of Judah (the House of David) continuously diminished for another  15 generations.
When Zedekiah came, the light was completely lacking. The renewal of the full moon is an allusion to the  renewal of
the House of David; as it is written: David, King of Israel, lives and endures.  From the above we see that Matthew 1
is written as a response to the Exodus Midrash. I hoped you enjoyed this and Shalom Aleichem! Since his time we
have had another 56 generations.

Yacov Seedeater
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