David Jay Jordan
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Allow me to suggest the obvious, if you understand design and destiny. For prophecy is a culmination of all the Lord's History
and it comes to a climax and a central focal point … the Mid East.. Petra, the Rock House of the Lord for
His End Time Flock. Yet on the other hand, the A.C. forces have taken over Jerusalem, also called Sodom when he has been
enthroned in the His World Headquarters. inside the 3rd Temple.

He bringing all the world into one world government in his evil SPIRIT, whereas the Lord brings us together into ONE
Last Gathering)

Therefore, not only the lineages of our Two Witnesses must follow the path of bringing together Judah and Ephraim, the Lost
Tribes of Jacob, but it also has to unite all the nations of the world. For our Encampment will be composed of
every nationality on Earth. For any can join the Lord if they have chosen to do so and can pass under the Shepherd's ROD.
There will not be a predominance from any nation, and yet all nations shall be represented. For where one is born does
not assure anyone of entry into the Lord's Encampment as part of His BRIDE. Each has to choose the BRIDEGROOM and be
dedicated to serving HIM to be accepted and ENTER IN.

And seeing His-STORY has developed from the land called Israel to Ireland to Scotland to Britain and the printing press of
King James to all the world. Why because Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and preach and reach all with His
gospel. And they did. The disciples went to all the world, east, south, west and north.

So can I suggest that just as each land mass was specifically designed by the Lord, and all Christian countries of the world shall
be unified by the lineages of the Two Witnesses. The Two Witnesses being tied together in their own history and geographic
location….as well as their heritage being from all the different parts of the Lord's Realm.

High Priestess of Ephraim, from ******, Scotland, France, and India

King of Judah from ******, England, Germany, Israel, Spain and the Philippines

This tying together ALL the major Christian countries of the world through their roots…. From EAST to WEST

Did I leave out, Italy and Russia, the only other major Christian countries ? Yes, but I don't think our Witnesses will have
Roots there. Italy is the home of the Western Roman Catholic Empire and off shoot of an ungodly branch of Paulian doctrine,
and Russia is the Home of the Eastern Roman Catholic Church. They being lead by an Archbishop that surely shall become the
FALSE PROPHET for the Russian President, who shall become the ANTICHRIST.

Our BRANCHES being stronger than their branches, for we have the Lord of Lords in our hearts



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