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Pain and Pleasure of Words of Endearment
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Saying….' Sweetheart', `Dear', `Darling', and all our special `words of endearment' to our loved `one' unites us so with
them. It brings us so close, and is like making love with words, that seduce and thrill our hearts with love.

But when we get to the stage, where we want to go beyond to love others and bring them into our twosomes, do consider that
allowing our mate to use these words of endearment with others, can hurt so much when we first hear them being said to
another. The mere physical union of their lovemaking can be so much easier to handle than the words of love they exchange
during and AFTER.

It can break our hearts to hear our loved one, say such things to another, but it's worth it. It shows they truly do love them
and unites not just their mere bodies but hearts and spirits. Words can heal and soothe and show love, and they need to be
spoken and expressed.

But Brethren, we really truly have to mean it, if we say it. Because these words are extremely powerful and can wreck and
break hearts if we don't mean it in truth. They can heal or hurt, so be very careful that you only say it when you mean it and
are willing to live up to them.

Yet if your heart is right, and your mates heart is right and you truly want to include another, and maybe even another, and
another….. words of endearment will surely have to be part of your whole heart, soul and BODY, that will be given to them.

It is so seducing to hear that you are a `sweetheart'. For I should know this as well, as a girl respondent used them on me,
and I was a goner, and returned such phrases with abandonment. Trixie has given me permission to do so, and we were offâ
€¦ CUMmunicating in the spirit… I thought. But her heart was more deception than love, as she had used this ploy on
others to get what she wanted. But with me a million miles away, I was willing to give her any answer to her questions,
without the romantic names. But eventually, it came out that her heart wasn't with me or attracted to me, and she flittered
off to another.

Whewee ..... it was a close call, but another lesson learned…. As some use words to deceive or trick rather than to convey
motive, intentions and love. But eventually these do come out in time, as true endearment can not be faked over the long run.

Trixie was once fooled along these lines as well, by an online romance, that turned sour in person. But THIS TIME, when it
came to meeting her and my new mate, it was straight from the heart, and heart to heart in sincerity from both sides. And
their words of endearment rang true and meshed them more than ever. And though at first, it was hard for me to hear, her
saying words of love to him and he to her ….. they are now music in my ears…. as it shows her power to love (from the
Lord) that makes me feel all the more special to be her first `Earthly' love and husband. And he is so special to
the Lord, and special to both of us.

It binds Trixie and I more, that we have each other as our base to love others, and bring them literally into her fold. And
ohhhhhh …. her folds are beautiful and thrilling.

So Dear Brethren, if you are sweethearts of the Lord, do consider using more heart felt terms than generic cold terminology
in your advances and romances with others, IF AND ONLY IF YOU MEANT IT….. for these words can win hearts and
bodies to you and the Lord's LOVE.

Just a thought, but there is a whole world of conquest in the spirit when it comes to hearing these words and expressing
these words, and conquering the fear in our hearts about using them in advancing for love and in love.

Onward Christian Soldiers with His WORDS OF LOVE. It's a tough and rocky road, but worth it all, when the Lord says to
us, `Well done thou good and faithful and loving servants,'

`Darling, don't you agree sweetheart ?'

David and Trixie and ****

(This we are learning not from theory or from the reading of books but from personal experience… More later of our

Pro 20:12 .... The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath
made even both of them.

Job 42:5 ..... I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but
now mine eye seeth thee.  )