David Jay Jordan's

                         Word magnified above His Name

In case, many may not know it, according to scriptures the principles of the Lord of Hosts are expected to be learned
by His Followers not just His Name. Matter of fact, King David of old, when in the Spirit said in Psalm 138:2. "I
will worship toward thy holy temple and praise thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy TRUTH, for thou hast
magnified thy WORD above all thy NAME."

So who are we to contradict, David, a man after the Lord's own heart. For David learned the principles of the Lord
through his sins, and consequent punishments until he finally learned the Lord's mercy and righteousness and
TRUTH. So this is why he went on to say, "In the day, I cried (not just a half hearted prayer) thou answerest me and
strengthened me with the strength (the Lord's strength not David's) in my soul. All the kings of the Earth shall
praise thee when they hear the WORDS of thy mouth.'

So if some just don't get it, learning about the Lord starts with a FEAR and honoring of the King of KINGS, as His
Holy Spirit teaches us his truth about life as we live it. Then we can with a fuller understanding, praise His Name,
even His more sacred Names with more heart and more soul and more meaning. Merely knowing His Name is
hardly true praise and honor to Him, for it has to be coupled with heart knowledge of his principles and a life
dedicated to His Service. Besides, Jesus himself, will turn to those that expect to enter into his kingdom by saying,
'Depart from me, because I never knew you, even though you address me as LORD, LORD, or Yeshua, or Yahushua,
or Yahweh, etc. etc.

To understand his WORDS, you literally have to use them, experience them by doing His Will (John 8) Knowledge
of the scriptures, isn't 'head knowledge' but a practical way of living and helping the Lord's people.

Consequently His Name is much, much more than the correct spelling, pronunciation, language derivative, etc. etc.
His Name represents His life, His actions, all of His Words. His Name encapsulates everything He said and
everything He did. To merely state His Name without understanding His life and His LOVE and especially His
Sacrifice is sacrilege.

This is why He magnified His WORD above His Name. Matter of fact, His Name isn't written on His Chest, when
He comes down to destroy the forces of evil at the battle of Armageddon, but His Title the "
which includes All His WORDS.

According to His Word

Jordan Fisherman (Jay)


Date: 11 Feb 2000