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                                                          The Word is against Incest

The sin of incest can't be avoided just because there is no literal word for word law against it in the New Testament. And just
because there aren't specific cases given in the New Testament condemning it, still matters not one iota, as the Lord's Law of Love
covers every situation and is the ETERNAL Law of the heart. It doesn't change from culture to culture or from time span to time
span. With the Lord's love in our hearts and the Holy Spirit whispering to us, we will in all places and times make the right decision
according to what's right and wrong. Knowing the principles of the Lord, or as the prophets called them the 'Precepts' of the Lord
that are built into our conscience one by one, cementing them all together into ONE LAW, means we can discern all situations.

That's not a super spiritual theory but a down to EARTH, basis for deciding what is right and wrong. Why because there is an
erronous Christian doctrine out among the liberated, that says if it isn't stated IN the Bible it is O.K. to do. That's as negative and as
untrue as untrue can get, because with the Lord's Spirit and principles any situation can be discerned so we don't sin. WE
shouldn't be looking for loopholes like the religious do, but knowing that the Lord is watching our actions in everything we do and
judging our spirits and motivations. For even if supposedly obeying the law, we could be violating the law in spirit. The Law of
Love covers every situation, and has no negative voids that can be filled in by our unlawful wishes.

The Bible is not the End All at ALL, it is not the final word, it is just the start. The Bible is just the basic, that brings us to Christ
and His Law of Love. This even though some Christians think the Bible is the absolute final word. It isn't, its the BASICS that get
us into His SPIRIT. For the Lord is the final WORD and His Spirit is the final Word, and He is still talking and has so much to say.

All the Bible isn't the Word of God, the whole thing is not scripture.... ONLY the exact straight forward THUS SAITH THE
LORD verses from the prophets and from his writers, and from the Lord's own mouth are scriptures. And they superceed anything
of the other words and opinions written by the other writers of the Bible, including some of Pauls more outrageous comments. And
yet most Christians don't realize this and worship the words of the New Testament and Paul's opinions even when they contradict
the Lord's.

So saying you can get away with incest because there is nothing written about it in the Bible is just not true. The principles of the
Lord's words state without question that incest is a sin. Its against the freedom of choice and the free will development of children
into adulthood, or the equality of the sexes, and definitely goes against the Law of Love. For the Law of Love is not wishy washy
and loose and easy to be evaded, but just the contrary, it can NOT be circumvented. People can not pretend to have love when it
isn't in their hearts and goes against the Lord's Principles. The Lord knows what's in our hearts and we know even if others may
not, what our true intentions are. This is why the Lord's whole discourse of Mathew 23 against the scribes and pharisees was, You
have heard that it has been said '......' but I (Jesus) say unto you, 'Whosoever sins in his heart ... is quilty'. Jesus was going to the
heart, and for then the religious law keepers could not pretend that they were innocent and keeping the law. Because no one can
evade the Law of Love, it applies to every situation, as every situation can be determined by the eternal principles of the Lord.

Therefore without going into details and commenting after your post dave from Phoenix, can I say the whole negative premise of 'If
it isn't written in the 66 books of the Bible, you can get away with it', just isn't VALID. For concurrently I am also not much of a
translation believer either, for many Christians and scholars get soooo far into thinking all truths are discernable by just figuring out
what the mere author meant in his original language that .... they make you think you have study Greek or Hebrew for twenty years
just to discern whether you can have sex with your neighbor. I mean if I had to wait that long, I reckon my passion would have
dwindled and the opportunity gone.

But No, in my opinion with the Lord's all present Spirit and our own conscience, we can know the good from the evil. We can
compare scriptures and principles in our heart and mind and decide quickly what course of action or erection we can take. Do you
catch what my meaning is HERE.

Its not a matter of looking for negative void openings in which to fulfill our needs and greeds, but understanding the Spirit of Love
and its principles so we can naturally and normally and spiritually just flow with every situation. For then we can now and in the
future in whatever culture or with whatever people KNOW what the Lord wants us to do and what is acceptable in His eyes.

But 'Incest' is not right in His eyes, because it is domination, and intimidation spiritually, and violates the Lord's physical scientific
laws of biology as well. For the Lord created all laws harmonically together so that we can not even religiously eliminate the truths
of genetics which say, 'Stay away from incestuous relationships'. Negative recessive genes when combined become dominate and
expressed. It leads to physical defects and abnormalies. Who made it this way, the Lord Himself because He is the Creator.

And we can't circumvent true pychology which says incestuous relationships cause immense pain and suffering and mental grief
and confusion. So let's just follow the advise of all these truths and the Spirit and just make love to OTHERS.


David from British Columbia