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It is guessed that F sharp is the tone frequency, that was sung inside the King’s Chamber, (SEE F sharp in
Kings Chamber) but the question is WHY. For it was also guessed that F sharp was the levitation frequency
used to raise rocks in Tibet, (SEE
Sonic Stone Levitation) and again the question is WHY. What is so special
about F sharp that makes it frequency hertz in all its octaves so special and powerful ?

Well surely it comes down to distances and ratios, because the ratios of the ARK of the Lord was in cubits.
And a cubit is a measure of a man, for man (and woman) were and are the ultimate creation of the Lord. Why
because we are made in the image and ratio of beauty of the Lord. SEE
What is beauty, Made in His Image

For similarly the Sacrophagus of the Stone Prophecy Pyramid, otherwise known as Giza, or the Great
Pyramid, had as its inside dimensions, the exact dimensions of the ARK. SEE Ark and Sarcophagus

Therefore if we note that the ARK was 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 2.5 cubits, it has exact ratios of 3 by 3 by
5. Or it can we written as 3 spans by 3 spans by five spans. A span being the sacred measure of the Lord, of
nine inches from the thumb to our ideal human model’s extended middle finger.

So taking nine inch spans this converts to metrically to 46.6

But the speed of sound in Giza was constant at 68 degrees


…. So that it lowers the length of F sharp from the recorded value in centimeters


from  46.6 centimeters to 45.72, This because the speed of sound lowers with temperature drop. Thus making
the sound wave length decrease. And so converting from sound wave distance of 45.72 centimeters, we find
that lo and BEHOLD, an F sharp has that specific sound wave distance.

                         SEE chart http://www.phy.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html

Frequencies for equal-tempered scale
This table created using A4 = 440 Hz
Speed of sound = 345 m/s = 1130 ft/s = 770 miles/hr
Note  Frequency (Hz) Wavelength (cm)

F#5/Gb5 739.99 46.6

But at the lower speed at 68 degrees Fahrenheit inside the King’s Chamber, this distance of 46.6 cm. is lessâ
€¦. 45.72cm

What this means is that us, the greatest creation, and the Golden Section Pyramid and the ARK, and the
Sarcophagus are ALL harmonic with an F sharp tone of 370 hertz.. And that is why they used it inside the
Pyramid and outside both for projection and levitation.

Cubits 206/18 equals

Its actual dimesions are 34' 4'' (10.5m) long, by 17' 2'' (5.2m) wide, by 19' 1'' (5.8m) high.

C note of .659 makes eight wavelengths within Kings Chamber, 16 wavelengths, about 18 wavelengths diagonal


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Why F sharp in Ark and