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Who killed Jesus ?
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Brethren, if you love the Lord, then you are going to have to figure out who killed Jesus and who wanted him dead, and for
what reason.So let's make it clear why church people are not so nice when they worship their religion and system, the world
and religious culture, and NOT the LORD.

Answering truthfully, 'Who killed Jesus?' will at least get some heading in the right direction before they get engulfed and
consumed by the whore that hates.

For brethren, you are going to have to figure it out,as the Lord will spew out half hearts and the luke warm. Either
understand the evils of the church system and flee it (in time) or love it, embrace it and worship it like the churchies do.

Who killed Jesus ? The religious system and they are exaqctly the same today as they were back then. No difference, the
Christian church is just as wrathful and devoid as the religious system of the Jews. They didn;t have the power to kill Jesus,
so got the Romans to do their dirty work for them, just as we shall be accused of false sins to the present political system.
Mothing new under the sun. But this happens only when you go against their doctrines of bondage. When you start to
liberate people, like Jesus did, using His power and principles, then they get mad and upset and will do whatever to stop
you, from lessening their power.

They want power and control over the flocks, they want to be fed of the sheep not feed the sheep. (SEE Ezekiel 34..)
And if you tell them this, they will try to saw you in half like they did to Ezekiel. For as Jesus said, which of the prophets did
they not try to kill.

So if you think your church system is so good and righteous in teaching self righteousness, beware for when you counter
them, they will turn and try to rip you to pieces or kill you.

Right now, you can hang out amongst them, if it doesn't cost you your soul, but rest assured almost every sermon will bring
you further and further away from liberation. Maybe if you are foruntate enough to have found a home church, you can be
fed and feed others, and maybe if you have found those so-called small indepandant churches that so many think they are
part of, you can stay within...and make progress.

But you have to at least know that churches, churchies, and the church system that so loves its position and power within the
world and today's governments will turn on you eventually if you decide to follow the Lord. They killed Jesus, because he was
freeing people from their domination and control and so they out of jealousy got him killed.

But in so doing, it backfired as by His death, we are now all FREED.