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When Two Become One
During his lifetime and in scriptures the Lord prayed that we, His followers, His Bride would become ONE with him and with each
other. "
Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;  That they all may be one; as
thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the
glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:  I in them, and thou in me, that they may
be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. John 17 :
20 -23

And when you study the hidden scriptures and true life of Jesus further you find out that there are many references to this principle
of the Lord, of Two becoming One, as getting back to the UNION of all into ONE, stops all conflict and would give us all peace. Its
spiritual, mental,  and physical. So consider the following excerpt, and do your own research on this very important topic.

"Male and Female into a Single One"

"The main interest of Saying 22, however, lies in what follows the disciples' question. Jesus replies: "When you make the two into
one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so
that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter the kingdom." The theme of two-in-neness
appears repeatedly in Gnostic literature ..."

This excerpt being taken from http://www.gnosis.org/thomasbook/ch24.html

For YES, this principle is repeated over and over in gnostic teachings, and agress with what is written in the 66 books of the normal  
Bible. And yet this principle of Oneness, of the Two beocming ONE seems to have been toned down and deleted out by the later
dominate and churchy Paulian branch of the Christian church. They not wanting to believe in the equality of women, nor in positive
binding sexuality that brings on ONENESS, discouraged sexually and equality.

But in my opinion and in the opinion of many others,, the Lord is not pro-male and anti-female. He does not put down women into
second grade status as does the Patriarchial church. They still pretending that scriptures give them the right to rule over their women
and their wives. Yet surely the Lord sees each of us, as individuals rather than seeing our gender. And as scriptures state.. '
There is
neither male nor female in Christ Jesus, - Galatians 3: 28'
'  So you might eventually find out or come to the conclusion that the Lord
himself is androngenous like the angels and is neither male nor female, but BOTH combined into ONE. He in his ultimate state,
lacking nothing, and needing not another gender to be complete. Hence you could say that the Lord is bisexual and is attracted to
both and all genders, as He/She is the Creator of BOTH and ALL (SEE
How many genders are there ).

Yet I definitely don't know all the details to this Mystery of WHEN THE TWO BECOME ONE, as we all have so much to learn
and understand and experience.  On the other hand, surely we do know what making the inside like the outside means.. For simply
spoken, we are suppose to act like we feel on the inside. We are to be honest to ourselves and our hearts in our actions, making the
outside the same as the inside. This without fronts and cover-ups. The Lord wants us to be honest and humble and consistent and
REAL. This so we will not be like the false and tricky scribes and pharisees and religionists, that are supposedly clean outside and
yet filthy within.. To our ownselves and to our Lord and Saviour, we have to be true..

So when it says Peter said 'Unless you make on the right hand as what is on the left and what is on the left hand as what is on the
right and what is above as what is below and what is behind as what is before you will not have knowledge of the kingdom.'" This
again is just another way of stating this exact same thing.For as other Christian leaders have said and preached we have to look
at our brethren not according to their gender but as individuals without gender, and help them irregeardless of gender. We have to
drop worldly precopnceived ideas and bounds about gender, and go according to the heart.

From here on though, it does still seem to be rather mysterious what the Lord meant and what some of the gnostics teachings
actually said. Nevertheless  can I suggest, that when it comes to sexuality, the principle of Two becoming One might mean, that
advanced Christians might be bisexual in their attractions and love. They being attracted to both genders rather than just one. They
being impartial in their love, rather than partial because of their one demensional sexual orientation.

For in my opinion,  if a male or female are liberated away from the competition of their own gender in trying to attract and keep a
mate of the opposite gender, then they might not be intimidated and fearful of them, but actually be in appreciation of them and
attracted to them as well as the opposite gender. If there is no more competition and exclusive possession of their heterosexual
mates, then more and more people can be incorporated into a larger group marriage. A male could be attracted to another male... SEE  
Male to Male sexuality, postings and females could be attracted to other females. For as the Bible does say, none of us hate our own
flesh, so consequently how and why should we hate our own kind, our own gender. For if we drop our competitive natures through
love, whether male or female then we could become ONE and appreciate even those of our own gender..

Along these lines ..
"In the Gospel of Thomas ( Saying 61b) Salome says to Jesus that he had come up on her couch -presumably
referring to reclining at meals- and eaten from her table. "Who are you, man," she asks. Jesus replies, "I am he who exists from the
undivided." He goes on to say that someone who is divided will be filled with darkness, but someone presumably "undivided":
translators point out that there is a gap in the text] will be filled with light. This is one of the notable sayings on the theme of
This again, suggesting that Jesus was undivided and whole, meaning both male and female, and being complete in and of
himself, and yet having love for BOTH GENDERS and ALL.

And in this way wouldn't He be the perfect example of perfect impartial LOVE, the kind of LOVE that accepts any and all that have
received Him and His sacrifice of LOVE. Jesus was One with the Father and Holy Spirit, and these three are ONE, and so don;t we
also have to receive their kind of love to become ONE with them. Then not just Two would become ONE, but All would become
One in them and be ONE. And that would be and will be HEAVEN.

So there be, my opinion, on this MYSTERY, as surely the Lord shall reveal more and more of His all encompassing love to us as
time goes by, and as our hearts melt into ONE.

May we ALL be ONE in HIM and in His LOVE.


David and Trixie (Two into One)