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Choose the Lord, and walk alone
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In writing a sister in South Africa, I am having to tell her that her moment of decision is coming up, for she is between two
worlds and will eventually have to choose.

She loves to sing, but the church won't let her sing solo, or her songs of love to her LORD. The church will let her preach,
but I have warned her, the church will not allow her to preach about Mary Magdalene nor about female equality, for they
will cast her out and gnash on her. She dislikes the church, and yet the church indocrination surely lingers within her
because that is all she has known, except for the fact that she KNOWS the LORD personnally and is witnessing and being
used to 'save' others. Some of it is to self righteousness and no sex and no alchol church doctrine, but some of it is just a real
connection to the Lord.

So how do I tell her the truth, that if she chooses the Lord .... she will be choosing to get isolated and be alone and be cast
out. She will usually have to walk it alone, and that ONLY with the Lord.

This road she will have to travel alone, her family in far away can't help her, her tribe can;t help and her chuirch tribe
definitely in most cases can not help her.

WHY, because choosing the Lord always means He will try and test us to STRENGTH us in His LOVE and FAITH.
We will have to go into the wilderness just as he went into the wilderness. And yet when we go we shall have
Him and ONLY Him to lean on, and listen to, and to obey, as we fight off lonliness and the isolation of being different.

Because .... Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life, and few there be that find it..... And yet broad is
the way that leadeth to death and MANY go in thereat...... this is an ETERNAL TRUTH

The majority will not follow the Lord. The church congregation only has group FAITH and not individual FAITH and their
faith is in numbers and the arm of man, and the fleshly power of a worldly church. But the Lord's true Bride, has been
isolated to purify her, isolated to strengthen her, so that she leans ONLY on HER LORD and LOVER.

Beware of the leaven

So brethren if you are isolated, don't think some strange thing has happenned to you and that your experience is wierd and
perverted... NO, its normal, and natural and NEEEDED. For you need that time alone to HEAR from Him, and get
strengthened in what He is telling you and what is being whispered to you thru His HOLY SPIRIT, for she is your teacher.
And you have to LEARN and have to choose !!!!