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Visualization is one of the keys to magic, and to sexual MAGICK. And it doesn;t just come natuirally but takes practice to
concentrate and focus our minds. It can be a gift, but a gift that surely needs to be practiced and developed through exercise.
Teleporting Secret )

In translocation, or remote viewing, or seeing in the spirit via the Lord's vision. Our minds have to be in the Zone to see HIS ZONE.
And it doesn't come over night, but is literally built on faithfully using our mind and hearts for Him. Hardly anything in Christian
growth is overnight, as the Lord only gives us what we desire and what He has step by step matured us into receiving. The churchies
and cultists love to think that they will get magical instantaneous power and powers and prophecy and visions, and FAITH
overnight magically. But it just isn't SO. Faith is not some magical potion ONLY, it is usually a long process of growing and learning
and experiencing.

Faith comes ONLY by faithful study of the Lord's WORD and living out what He has said with FAITH. If we do this, then and only
then IMO will He sometimes give us the next STEP of Faith to a greater level? But almost always we will have had to have gotten to
the step, where that next level begins. (Consider
How to get Faith )

To get in an ATHLETIC Zone, (something I was in during my younger years), we literally played on court and off court for hours
and days and years to get to the point where our moves were almost automatic and done without thinking because we had done them
so many times before. Yet those long hours of fun and practice, put us in the position where we would then sometimes get in the
ZONE, of having everything in our command, and everything going RIGHT. We got in a Zone, where we had complete confidence
and FAITH without doubt, without fear of failure. Seemingly making us invincible for certain moments in time.

This being a parallel of us, Sexy Spiritual Christians getting into the magical ZONE where we have complete FAITH in knowing we
are completely within the WILL of God, and with complete POWER to perform what He wants us to do. This being no different
than the athlete in his or her TEST. We because of our practice and experience and abilities honed over the years, KNOW we won't
fail, we don't think of failure. We only see the Lord; we don't look at the waves. (Mathew 14: 27) But only visualize the success. We
see the finish line or the accomplished feat in our minds eyes, and nothing like wind or waves or distances can stop our mind and our
FAITH from knowing it will happen. We have no doubts. (James 1: 6-6) We KNOW the Lord has the POWER, and know that
power is within us. We KNOW all things are possible at that moment in time, and nothing is impossible to us.

We can visualize in our minds what has to happen. For even in the example of golf, we know the swing necessary. We visualize the
swing, that visually will give our golf ball the path that will put it in the HOLE. We go through it all in our mind, so that it only has
to be lived out, swung out almost automatically without effort, when we are in the ZONE.

We believe and we then can SEE. We don't have to wait to see it to believe it, but see it in advance in our mind. (John 11: 40 John 20:
29 ...  SEE  
Walking on water )

We are not like the heathen, the devilish that believe the devils lies that 'matter is greater than spirit or mind'. We reject his evil magic
and his evil symbolism that a pentagram must have two points upwards like his horns. We reject his doubts and lack of faith that
matter and flesh is stronger than spirit. We reject the idea that matter created spirit and mind, as if matter came first via evolution.
(SEE Mind over Matter Pentagram http://www.geocities.com/davidjayjordan/FaithHealing.html )

But we love the symbolism that a pentagram must have one point upwards symbolizing that spirit is greater than matter. This
symbolizing that spirit created matter rather than the reverse. And with this fact and principle entrenched into our being, we KNOW
that our mind and our SPIRIT can CHANGE matter and the real world. Its called prayer, and it does change matter. Our mind is
greater than matter. It can heal. It can travel. It can SEE without being there. It can SEE in the future. Our minds can visualize and
SEE if we put on the mind of CHRIST. (1 Corinthinans 2: 16)

If we faithfully follow Him and develop his skills and his INSIGHTS and get His VISION, then nothing is impossible to us, including
translocation, remote viewing, visions and time travel via prophecy. Our brethren in the Lord all did these things, so how much more
us, who are faced with even more challenges than they in the past. (Consider
Transmigration )

For when we get in His ZONE, then we are One with Him and KNOW Him, and KNOW His WILL, and then can direct our WILL
and our energy, even sexual energy to HIM as DIRECTED WILL.

We are magicians )

And it all starts step by step, in the here and now, in my opinion.
Small beginnings, greater ends.