Jesus and the Bright and Morning Star (Venus)
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  The below graphics is not mine, but a Christian brother's work or research from .....

  Sadly it seems it has disappeared from being on-line, maybe he thought he was wrong. But can I
suggest, he just got it slightly mis-interpreted.
  For do notice, that though the King of Kings, does not come back in 2017 IMO.... still the dating can
be very significant. Why ? because the
Christos Angle is SIGNIFICANT, as it is the slope of descent
down phi pyramids, and the interplay and alignment of Leo and Venus is of well as The
CONQUERING PRINCE, symbolic of the Coming of the Lord is extremely important and timely.
   Dawn on Rosh Hashanah, very SIGNIFICANT, and confirming, so this graphic must be
IMPORTANT. At this point in time (2014) I would suggest that this is the turning point........ or
conclusion of the war in the heavens, when the devil is defeated and THEN his demons, his dark angels,
are cast out of the heavens and come to Earth, and fill all the evil cages and hearts of evil men. For right in
the FALL of 2017, from prophecy time lines it appears that THEN is the time of the seventh world

Thanks Bro, for the graphic, do get in touch and take credit for your work.



PS) To fully understand this alignment, do study the
Great Pyramid Prophecy