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                          Until  Shiloh  Comes

Along 'Messianic lines' it must be mentioned that the Torah prophecy given by
Israel upon Judah has to be fulfilled for 'The sceptre shall not depart from
Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and unto him
shall the GATHERING of the people be. (See
2nd Exodus ).

For the promise of the Lord to David, that his son would be on the throne
Ezekiel 34) continues into the Latter days, so the Lord's people
(those that have received Jesus) gather around him. He has to be of the house
of Judah and isn't as most Jews and most Christians believe a ruler over
political or natural or flesh and blood Israel, but the chosen king of spiritual
Israel. The Lord's people don't fight over Israel and want to stay in Jerusalem
which is called Egypt and Sodom as in Revelations and other verses, but they
flee as directed by the Lord of Lords into the wilderness.

Our king won't fight for power and world control like the Anti-Christ who is
deemed the Messiah that they each have been hoping for to put them in their
so-called positions of power if 'submissive'. We are lead by our king and priest
away from Jacob's trouble (Jeremiah 30;7-9) FOR we "shall be saved out of it.
And we shall serve the LORD our God, and David, our king, whom I (the Lord)
will raise unto them.

For this is confirmed again, by Israels prophetic blessings over Judah in
Genesis, for as the prophecy states until Shiloh comes, then we shall
consequently putting this gathering just before we flee into the wilderness
as it is in the Jezreel Valley. The first Shiloh was when Joshua gathered all the
children of Israel at Shiloh and set up the tabernacle of the congregation there.
So similarly, the last Shiloh must mean when the children of (spiritual) Israel
are gathered together by David their king in advance of their establishing the
tabernacle once again (see
Ark & Tabernacle thread).

For as Samuel heard from the Lord at Shiloh and said 'speak Lord, thy servant
heareth' Shiloh will again be a place where we will 'hear from the Lord' For as
mentioned in Revelations 11 and Zech 4 and many other scriptures, we will have
two prophets, a king  and a priest like unto Moses and Aaron, Zerebubball and high
priest, Joshua.

They of course, will be mere men like ourselves, for the Lord won't leave us
leaderless as He has promised so many times. Therefore we will have an
Endtime Samuel who will be hearing from the Lord for us, and a priest for us, I
assume of the house of Levi....and it again starts at Shiloh. Where our nation is
Born in a day, (
Nation of spiritual Israel )

The perfect parallel is complete, us versus them. They have the Beast, (the
A.C.) and the false prophet and we have our king and our priest, the two end
time witnesses. They have worldly power and twisted spiritual power, we have
the power of YHWH or Jesus (one and the same) and the angelic forces of good.
As before, so shall it be again, for all these things were written for our example
upon whom the ends of the World are come.

 The Lord's consumption doesn't wrap up with a foolish, nonsensical, irrational,
unscriptural RAPTURE before the Tribulation, in some kind of anti-climatic escapism
of those that believe they are chosen not to fight for the Lord nor to be tested in battle.
But the Lord's escalating and climatic ending, actually has us fighting for the faith (see
Sons of Light & Sons of darkness- dead Sea Scrolls thread And even though
the Lord allows the Evil One and his horde to decimate us (see Revelations
and Daniel). UNTIL the Lord rescues us in the
Resurrection Rapture at the End
of the 1260 day Tibulation and He, with us behind him, smash the forces of the
Evil One and his hordes at Armageddon.

 It starts with Shiloh, it ends with Armageddon, as the Lord brings us truly into
The Millennium, His Millennium and His 1000-year rule. Praise God!

What do you reckon?

His Service

David Jay Jordan
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