Two House Polygamy
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    No offense polyamouress people, but I don't always consider polyamoury that Christian and loving. It can be just an expansion of a selfish twosome into a selfish and closed foursome. Why, because just adding more mates does not automatically mean, a marriage is becoming more loving and kind to those 'outside' their boundaries. Polyamoury marriages can bring more hell into the world rather than more heaven. They can close out people as well or better than just a private
twosome. And they doing it, with more smuggness and pride that a mere twoseome.

     In my opinion, or Trixie and I's opinion, real polyamoury is when added mates makes you ALL melt together not just sexually, but in all aspects of a real marriage.... For a marriage is a union of heart, soul, mind and BODIES. It is not just sex. Sex does not automatically melt us and blend us together. It can be a help, but it is just one of the ingredients.

     This just the same as what the Lord told his disciples from the very beginning. Why, because to really unite with the Lord we have to serve him and serve others that He is tryign to bring into our Heavenly Polyamoury. He is never be satisfied with how many are in His harem of multiple wifes, until ALL his lost sheep have been gathered. And so with Him and with a
Christian polyamoury, we would think that we also are never satisfied with how many have been reached until all the outcasts have received His LOVE. rather being than introspective, isn't a Christian polyamouress marriage outgoing and giving of love rather than just trying to get more for themselves. For in giving we receive. It isn;t done for bragging rights or self esteem, but is just something that is in our hearts naturally and keeps begging to be expressed and come out to OTHERS.

     So people can call a man with two wifes in two houses a polyamouress relationship, if they want. But in essense when one is the official wife, then the other is basically a type of concubine. This especially true if the two wifes are separated, because they can't live together and the husband can;t get them to love one another. I mean the Muslims, do this according to their doctrine. They buy the rights of a concubine, second wife from their local imman for as many months as he and his concubine decide. Its a legal contract, and she provides him sex, and he provides her with food and lodging in a separate house or apartment. Not what I would call polygamy at all, just a legally 'kept' woman.

     For we would say that real polygamy is where all live together, under the same house or close and interchange freely with love and care for all the products of love...called children. This irregardless of who the father or mother is. Then we would say we would be getting closer to the real love that really unites us. (Consider
No Jesus, No Real Polyamoury)

     And no religion besides Christianity can ever give us this kind of real 'all for one and one for all' love except the 'real Jesus'. So in our opinion, forget these dam guru's of love and the pagans that think they can have love without Jesus, or the swingers that think added sexual wifes to their harems makes them the great lovers. Real Polygamy is just an extension of really being broken from the Lord and by the Lord until we can work for the Lord and for others from the heart. Not for selfish reasons, but for unselfish ones,

Mat 6:31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What
shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal
shall we be clothed?  (Or who shall we love ?)

  Mat 6:32 For after all these things do the Gentiles
seek: for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have
need of all these things. (including more love and
more lovers)

  Mat 6:33 But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and
his righteousness; and all these things shall be added
unto you.

     And that principle is not mine, but the LORD'S, for his ideal and precept is that we serve Him first and put others first, and THEN love and lovers shall be added to us. JESUS has to be the center of any true polyamouress marriage

In His Love

David and Trixie