Brethren, don't we all want to be part of something greater than just a mere solidatary individual existence or a solitary married
existence ? Don't we all feel just a little lonely and isolated from a greater group we know in heart and soul must exist ? For isn't
there put within us a desire for others, a desire to be gregarious and part of a group or TRIBE ? Didn't the Lord approve of His
Tribal system of 12 tribes, and didn't He promise to put us each individually into one of His Tribes. (SEE

But Here comes the crunch, when we join a group, the group dynamics seem to dictate that we have to lose some of our freedoms
to get IN or stay within that group. In a worldly sense, most people lose their individual conscience when they join a worldly
political party or religious denomination that dictates to them what they must say and how they must live. And that is just too
restricting and demoralising and disheartening for most of us to handle... so we continually try to get in and yet stay without
these types of groupings. We want freedom not just group interaction and fellowship. So I would say only with the Lord will we
ever find this proper balance between group tribal belonging and love and fulfillment, yet where we retain our personal individual
choice, FAITH and LIBERTY.

For just as heat seeker Alan, was saying a goup of 12 could be small enough for us to achieve intimacy and maybe large enough
for us to experience more variety and freedom, would that tribe have to sexually exclusive ? Could it not be just the perfect size,
before the one group expanded into two groups of maximum 12 each rather than having sexual exclusive behaviour ?

I say this because in the Family of Love (Ex Children of God) of which we were members 26 years ago, they went from loving
others outside their group to sexually only being able to love within their group, cult or religious tribe.

Their many mistakes casued them and their children and outsiders so much trouble that they decided to become sexually
exclusive, so that they literally had to stay within to have sex, and did not have the liberty to love those they meet in the outside
world. This although they were living and working and serving the Lord among the populations of the world. They weren't monks
and nuns in monasteries yet were restricted from having sex outside the group.

To me, this is a form of selfishness and self centerness that can make them into a cult, make them blind, make them paranoia, and
make them think they are more self righteous than those around them on the OUTSIDE. I say, they had it right when they tried
to love into the kingdom outsiders, and now out of fear and mistakes (unlearned) have retreated into a comfortable and yet
neutering sexuality.

So Brethren, I would say all things are possible and we all have to find what we can and what is possible for us, but I would have
to suggest that sexual exclusive groups surely may be just a possibility along the way to the greater goal of sexual inclusive
freedom to bring IN others.

And I would say, in the Lord's freedom we have to bring others to HIM with His love, in our LOVING OTHERS. Somehow
with His wisdom, He will give us freedom, even though we only learn responsibility in giving up some of these to be in His

To achieve this, it does take the LORD of LORDS. IMO
David Jay Jordan
Tribal Group Fulfilment versus Individual Freedom
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