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During the Great Tribulation, there are seven trumpets. The first six are 'trumpets of destruction against the Anti-Christ world
that is at war against us, the Bride, the woman in the wilderness. The last one being the seventh trumpet and our Call to meet
the Lord in the air, who will take us to the Feast of the Lamb, and there be wed forever to the Bridegroom, JESUS.

But do we know anything about when these trumpets will blow. What time of year, and what are the precedences in history
and in the Bible and according to the Lord's Feast Days.


There is much analogy that can be seen in the Book of Ruth concerning these harvests in their relation to the Feasts and the
Messiah and His bride. It was at the beginning of the barley harvest that Ruth (a gentile) came to Bethlehem with Naomi, and
she met her future husband, Boaz (Ruth 1:22  2:22). Ruth gleaned "unto the end of the barley harvest and of the wheat
harvest" (Ruth 2:23). The Scriptures and the NIV both have "until the barley and wheat harvests were "finished" or
"complete." The wheat harvest was started around Pentecost and the latter harvest was finished just before Tabernacles. It was
after the completion of the wheat harvest that Ruth was married to Boaz and became the greater grandmother of Yahshua the
Messiah who was and is The Seed of the woman. It is also believed that the marriage supper of the Lamb will occur during the
Feast of Tabernacles after the latter harvest. Again, there is much analogy and revelation that can be seen and gleaned from the
Book of Ruth concerning the Messiah and His bride and how the Feasts of Yahweh are connected to the mindset and
prophecies concerning the first and second appearing of Messiah.

It is on the first day of each month during the first seven months on the Hebrew calendar that the shofars (trumps) are blown.
The first trump is sounded on the first day of Abib, about two weeks before the barley harvest commences. The seventh and
last trump is sounded on the First day of the Seventh month. The latter harvest is gathered in by the 14th day of the seventh
month (in some years, perhaps even before the 1st day of the Seventh month). It will most likely be at this time of the year
that Messiah will gather his people together after the latter harvest. This is a time that all those who love Yahshua the Messiah
yearn for. It is the time of the great gathering and wedding supper of the Lamb.

O.K. looking backwards at what I believe the Lord said to us about the HIS TIMING, I got that the SEVENTH TRUMP
could very well be on September 21st, 2025. Does this coincide with what is written above. YES, there is confirmation of that
one day a year, in being the proper anointed and appointed time frame. WHY because September 21st is the first day of the
seventh month. It is the 1st of Trshri, it is the first day of Rosh Hasanna. As well as being the Fall Equinox, or the parallel
compliment of the Creation Day suggested as the Spring equinox, when days and night are equal in length. So all things seem to
be confirmed.

SEE and check dates on an Jewish calendar

And then do notice that according to the Lord's prophecy the sixth trumpet blows exactly 390 days earlier, as the sixth
trumpet lasts exactly a year and a month, before the LAST or SEVENTH TRUMP. August 21st or thereabouts 2024 can be
the date of the sixth shofar trumpet of harvest, as the lion, horse scorpion monsters reap a horrible harvest of the wicked. They
killing a third of men on earth, possibly 2 billion or more with their smoke, fire, and bites for 390 days.

So timing wise, the information from 'biblical astronomy' again confirms Revelation, concerning the time frames of the Lord,
and amazingly they do again coincide with the harvests of the Lord, BOTH the harvests of the wicked who have accepted the
MARK, and then the harvest of the good seed, us, the BRIDE and those that have loved the Lord and received the LORD OF

But the Great Tribulation is not seven years long, and so we can not suggest that every 390 days backward from the sixth
trumpet, that a shofar of harvest blows. The Great Tribulation being only three and a half years long, starting in January of
2022. We having to flee to Petra in the winter. Yet from the above hyperlink quotes and holy day feast correlations, in the first
day of the month of Abid, the first trumpet has to sound. Therefore we can safely suggest that in the spring of 2022, on March
21st, it is very, very likely that our Two Witnesses bravely journey 101 miles back to the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and declare
the blowing of the FIRST TRUMPET in the heavens and on Earth. The trumpet being the first destruction or harvest of hail
and fire, this probably due to internal earth venting of gases.

Revelation Timeline

Does the volcano exploding sound one month later or one year and one month later ? I don't know for sure, as we don't have
any more information or clues. But off hand, I would suggest, the volcano could erupt fully one month after venting as the
Lord would get the Tribulation going right away with a bang and an explosion, and so surely a month later, lets say on  April
21st or so, the SECOND TRUMPET shall sound, and this huge volcano would erupt FULLY,

So maybe the TWO WITNESSES only have to stay in the area of Jerusalem two months before taking the 144,000 or beginning
Bride members to Petra OR before they journey back to Petra.. As for the third TRUMPET of harvest or destruction, it is the
fall of Wormwood into the ocean, so that surely would have to wait for the skies to clear around the world from the ash and
debris of the volcano, and then BOOM, a year and a month later, WORMWOOD STRIKES on May 21st, the Summer
Solstice of 2017. This followed by the darkening of the Sun and MOON a month later June 21st 2017. That would bring the
world into darkness, as they have gone into spiritual darkness by selecting the AC for their world leader. Hence the TWO
WITNESSES could again return to Petra, before returning again, when the clouds of war have cleared.

And what then. They herald the blowing of the angels FIFTH TRUMPET, the release of the insects whose sting lasts five
whole months. The air is cleared, the sun is shining again, and then the Lord releases his insects to bite and torment as TRUE
JUSTICE against the world. When on the first day of the fifth month,  July 21st 2018. And if the insects aren"t bad enough
even larger ones are released the SIXTH TRUMPET
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