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         Time Travel Through PHI Tunneling

When physicists write that, ‘Compression and acceleration are identical as principle among all waves.’ all they is saying is that
according to the Lord’s Laws of Physics, when waves compress to a single point without interfering or without destroying each
other, they increase in speed, as waves can also be seen as particles. If you know the physics of hurricanes, or tornado’s, or any
wind spiraling funnel, then this is understandable in the medium of air. The winds near the calm center of the eye are at their fastest
speed. Or you can see this principle as water drains around into a funnel sink. The closer to the center the water or wind gets, the
faster the particles accelerate around the calm tunnel.

 And this compression if non-destructive can only happen when a golden section or phi spiral pathway is followed. This is the only
way the properties of matter can be retained. This much the same way that a phi spiral only magnifies what is already present either
into creation or out of the physical world into the spiritual world. (SEE
Spiral of Creation)

 And so if you remember that Einstein proved that the Lord’s division between these two worlds was light speed, then you and
I should be able to understand that a speed greater than light speed would put us beyond the physical realm. In the physical world
electrons travel at or below light speed around the nucleus of an element, but when acceleration faster than light speed occurs these
elements or matter go into the unseen spiritual world.  (Compare
Flesh and Spirit Equation). In other words, the spiral of creation as
shown by physicists, is and always has been a phi spiral. When the Lord slows down his spiritual realm below his pre-set light
speed, then it enters the material realm which has to have time to exist. But conversely speeding up our electrons beyond light speed
would put us into the spiritual dimension which is beyond time and into the ETERNAL. And this is the reason why the Lord’s
temples are PHI templated whether the Great Pyramid at Giza or His Eternal New Jerusalem. (SEE
Phi spiraling of Giza).

So again when you read on-line as I have in the past that ‘This would redefine TUNNELING – the door to Moving through
Light speed – as embedding perfected’ this is again what they are trying to reinterate in their own words. And this is the very
tunnel that Einstein proved had to exist because his mathematics proved it must exist in these co-existant worlds. So when you hear
that people travel through a light tunnel towards the benign and beautiful Light SOURCE, this is what happens when people travel
back to their original CREATOR.

Hence when physicists write, ‘Our biophysicists may have to take another look at why all biological proteins which create life are
Phi-based Pent’ ….  what they should have said is that the proteins created by the Creator are Phi-templated and these create
life, as DNA is phi racheted and has pentagonal faces. Why, because Phi is incorporated and the integral part of a five pointed star or
pentagon. (SEE
Geometry of Life and Healing). And with the Phi design of DNA, that WORD directs and builds our bodies into our
Phi templated Image of the Lord  (Consider  
Golden Section and our Bodies).

And when in the Lord's  PHYSICS' it can be proven that ‘The concept of collective phase alignment producing a photon ‘which
stands on its neighbors shoulders’ in such a way as to be launched at ‘group velocity’ may be equivalent of what I have
been described as WAVE VELOCITIES adding and multiplying when waves nest in PHI/Golden ratio’s. In this sense to
successfully TUNNEL – that is to go through the speed of light becomes identical with the axion.. Compression and acceleration is
the same for all waves. Visually this is identical with the ‘GRAIL’

So all these words do is to confirm that group participation in a
RITUAL based on the truths of  compression along the pathway of
LOVE succeeds to break the speed of light and hence means a group prayer can get us literally into the SPIRITUAL dimension. The
problem being is that group individuals must have love in their hearts or it won’t work….only the Love of the Master, is
compressible and shareable. Why, because ‘
Love is a literal Wave and Frequency within our hearts that remains no matter how
much pressure we are put under, and shares its love with others without interfering with the love and rights of others. And hence a
social truth is also a PHYSICS truth in the physical/spiritual realms.
As above so below !!!

And so when the above states that "This is visually is the Grail', in esoteric terms this again brings a historic truth into physics as
well, because to understand the Grail and use the Grail, one has to ‘Know to whom the Grail serves’. Why, because the tunnel
always goes to the Light, and serves the LIGHT who is JESUS. And that’s the secret of the Grail and its geometry. (SEE

And if thinking light speed can not be broken, think again, for even Searle proved that light speed could be surpassed with his free
electron flying disc and UFO shaped flying vehicles. (SEE
Searle Flying Discs). And it is for this reason that ‘Light years are
meaningless’ in the timelines of astrologers. But we don’t need external mechanisms and matter to accelerate us, as mentioned
previously, as simply having love in our hearts directed to the Lord of Lords is sufficient, and then concentrating or focusing on Him
can bring us literally through His Tunnel to His PRESENCE. And we can then, Time Travel if its His
WILL and for His purposes

In My Opinion

David Jay Jordan

PS) Conclusion only for the strong in heart and mind and FAITH   

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