Thermodynamics, Sex, and the Direction of Time

Because we have to get our sexuality up-to-date and scientifically based, and give the credit to where the credit
belongs. Let us consider one of the greatest proofs for Creation rather than the insane belief and religion called
Evolution, which is preached to captive students in our places of lower learning.

Anyway if anyone studies true science, they come to  Laws of thermodynamics which are proven LAWS  and
not a theory of a traveler who came upon new animals that he never had seen before and came up with a
not-so-bright theory of how they created themselves
For the Second law of thermodynamics, says  that in a closed system, the whole system goes to a lesser degree
of organization in time. In other words all things disintegrate in time which is why we get old and why in any
system, it goes to a lesser state of organization rather than a greater state of organization. Entropy or
disorganization increases not decreases in time. Things left to themselves get worse just as in mankind's case. So
Scientifically speaking, evolution is a pipe dream, a fallacy, as things devolute not evolute. This is why it is
called the direction of time because in time things digress and disintegrate.

So even though non-thinkers balk at this truth and say we are in an open system so that they can pretend that
our world and all worlds have outside forces which they absolutely insist could not be God or a Creator.
Therefore they believe that a non-thinking rock might disintegrate in time, but they say that if given a pile of
rocks in all kinds of systems over billions of years then these rocks will organize themselves and stop being
rocks, by chance or luck or by the very rocks themselves. I know it sounds crazy, but that's their belief in the
'possiblibly of the improssible' given enough billions of years and enough tossing of dice by rocks and chemicals
and cells without arms and legs.

But then again, just as there are no tranistion species so similarly there are no new laws that have  ever been
created or are being formulated by Nature or a pile of rocks. For man also has never created any new laws, for
we only discover what has already been created and in use from the very beginning. Laws are not forming new
laws, nor are their transition laws, thinking about changing the original laws. Yet this is the beliefs of those that
believe in evolution by chance and by luck and by random mutations.

Yet the truth is that all things continue as they were from the beginning of Creation by the Creator, no new
cpecies, no new laws and the Creation fades as a leaf until He steps in and makes all things new once again.

Revelations 21: 5, 1  And he (JESUS) that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said
unto me, Write: for these things are true and faithful. And I (John the Revelator) saw a new Heaven and a new
Earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;

So the Bible is consistent with the law of life, whether physical or spiritual, because all laws are exact and
precise whether in the physical or spiritual.....and there is a Direction of Time or Entropy in all things. For again
in Biblical terms this is called a Plan and a Purpose under heaven so that time here is not wasted.

We have to go through the stages, just as in SEX. For the build-up is the same for both sexes, and the stages
amazingly similar in both genders to reach the magical plateau, to have an orgasm, bliss, or ecstasy, or reach
heaven and see the stars. We have to go though the stages of time to reach the goal. Just as we have to go
through the exact scenario of the Lord's written prophecies, which is why it is called the Consumation, to reach
the goal of HIS NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH.

This is the direction of time which is also called entropy in thermodynamics, and we have to learn in each of the
stages to get to the next.  And its not done for us, as the Lord wants us to figure these things out, for in time our
world goes to disintegration without Him and so we are left with the next world government and its upcoming

So you see Evolution, Creation, Thermodynamics, Sex, Time, Prophecies and Learning are all inter-related.
Amazing, so all we have to do is get rid of the false doctrine of Evolution to enjoy the beauty and design of the
rest, for it comes from the Hand of the Creator.

In My Opinion from True Science

David Jay Jordan

Feb 2002
David Jay Jordan