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                    Testicles and Testament

If you study your Bible you run across a strange passage in Genesis 24:9, where Abraham's servant swore an oath, by placing
his hand, "under the thigh" of his master. 'Thigh' was a common euphemism used instead of 'penis' because of the fear of
mentioning the sacred organ directly. This oath sworn on the testicles, was the Hebrew method of swearing by one's word, or
seed, or lineage that the vow would be carried out. Hence all the words like testament, testify, and testimony are derivatives of
this promise, oath or covenant between the two parties.

The Hebrew nation was suppose to pass on the good seed with a good obedient heart both physically (Gen 2:28) and
spiritually, so as to be blessed by God. And so with the spiritual circumcision,(Jer.4:4, 6:10) the Lord demanded that they have
a physical circumcision as well. In this way, it was easy for a woman or a man to recognize whether a male was a Hebrew or not.

And again although Jacob tricked his brother Esau, away from his inheritance, yet he didn't get blessed until an oath was made
for a blessing with his hand on the testicles of the angel. It was only then while wrestling, that he got renamed Israel.  And
although the Chapter 32 of Genesis, is a little discreet, there is no doubt, as to what the "sinew which shrank" is, when its
location between the hollow of the thighs.

Therefore, all the blessings of Israel came when they honoured their birthright and obeyed their vows unto the Lord's
commandments of the heart. And they only lost them when they intermingled their faith and their seed with the worldly
unGodly nations.(see Solomon's Fall) This was the Old Testament, or OLD Covenant which was fulfilled in heart and soul with
the coming of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, who created the NEW Testament or New Covenant of the Heart. (Ezek
37:26)(Mathew). For even as He himself said, He was only here to recover the good seed, the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

For there is always a correlation in His scriptures between the physical and the spiritual, because the physical is a graphic
illustration of the spiritual. This is why Jesus kept using down-to-Earth parables about farming and fishing etc. The good seed,
or as we know today, good DNA, that has been born again and alive (triple helix?) is stronger and carries with it a promise
(eternal life) and a blessing according to the Lord's Word. And spiritually, a man's word, his promise, what he Says (and writes)
and does, dictates who he is, for it all comes back to our integrity, our faithfulness, and obedience in doing what we are say we
are going to do, and sacrificially following the Lamb wheresoever He leads. Our word, our testament, or testimony through the
tests, determines whether we have the balls or courage to fight for His truth and the blessings of God as did Jacob in becoming

Yet because the Lord, is no respecter of persons and not a sexist, the same applies to the women, and they as equals with men
are free to enter into the courts of heaven unrestricted by their sex, (SEE Ezekiels Millenium Temple) if their Word is true and
they have spiritual ovaries.

For even the physical barrier in the OLD Testament of men who have injuries or lack testicles has been removed if they have
balls in the spirit, once they have courage and a heart for the Lord. For our Creator can make us new creatures in the spirit
whether male or female and NO physical imperfection can separate us from entering into the hallowed halls of the Lord's
perfection if we have received the All-forgiving Blood of the Lamb, the ROCK that begat us, the HORN of our Salvation.

"Testament, testimony, testicles, test, testify, the WORD, and a Man's Word are all related. For as in
the physical so in the spiritual, as in heaven so on Earth, as in the past so in the present and future."

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David Jay Jordan