This is the dream, Trixie got the night before her and our new lover left for home. For before receiving this dream or
vision from the Lord, Trixie surely went to bed, satisfied and fulfilled that she was loved and had been loved.

For being a prophet or prophetess or dreamer of the Lord's dreams, is not just make believe, but we have to experience the
highs of excxtasy and lows of real life. It isn't easy, as we personnally have to go through the emotions and pain of what
we literally experience or see in dreams .... and they may be nightmares and they may make us so angry that life is
unfair without the LORD's justice and making of all things right.

Here's what the Lord showed Trixie in her dream ....

Tent of Many Colours Dream

I remember, putting down my tent materials in the place where they were going to erect our tent. We were all going to bring
together our own personal tent material, and sew it together to form this huge pyramid tent. And then each of us was to have
their own place under their own piece of material. I was the first to lay down my many coloured material, a roll of
cloth, maybe ten feet long. It had a steel rod in the center. I put it where they were going to construct the tent, our spiritual
and physical refuge from the cold world and the cold night. It was to be in the shape of a pyramid. Though I kept wondering
why, a pyramid tent. Someone was to organize it and build it, but I never knew who it was.

I left, for quite a while, and when I came back our tent had got sown together. For by adding others material to the cloth that
I gave them they were to  make a complete tent. It was getting dark. But my cloth was put pretty close to the opening, but
when I entered, I didn’t see it near the entrance way or anywhere. I looked up and everywhere but it was no where to be
seen, which meant I didn’t have a place within the tent.

It was a huge high structure, but the colors from the others materials seemed so dull. Mine was bright and of many colors
but mainly burgundy, quite red and deep. I couldn’t find it. And somebody else was lying down where I put down my
material. He had taken my place. It wasn’t fair.

It just hadn't been used in the tent. But eventually I found it, just pushed aside in a pile. I was so mad. It meant I had no place
to stay, no place to lay my head. They were kicking me out, by not including my tent material, as the material represented me.

It was turning into night, and I had no place. The tent was full of people. So I picked up my material, and started waved it
over my head. Saying … this is not fair, I have no place to sleep. Its racism !!! Its racism !!! …I yelled. While I was saying
all this and getting my anger out and a few people stood up as well and started supporting me.

But the guy that took my place didn’t care, he was motionless and maybe even asleep …. dead to the world and my
concerns. And looking around, I could see that all of them were men, no women and children were inside the tent. And most
of these men said nothing and did nothing, when I protested. Only a few men sided with me.

I just wasn’t welcome. Almost all of them were just so selfish and so unconcerned and so racist against me. And why
wasn’t there any women or children within the tent ? I was so mad at them !!! And I awoke from my nightmare dream.
(End of dream)

                                                        Interpretation : (by Jay)

In my opinion, each of us are part of our spiritual tent, New Jerusalem, we each bring our material, ourselves that make
it, the church, the body and dwelling place of the Lord. We each have our own particular special material, that is used in
building our tent. But in this case, this tent maker rejected the foundation material Trixie brought. The burgundy cloth
of many colors, the deep rich of the tribe of Judah was not used. It was suppose to be near the entrance, and par tof the
foundation, but they rejected it.

Just as they had to have rejected all the material of the young, and other women, and other races. For they were racist and
only men. This meaning they were also sexist, which a spiritual house can not be, if the tent is too stand and be of the

And as usual only a few stood up for the truth, and supported Trixie’s emotion and accusation against the tent maker
who had rejected her material and in essense had rejected her from having a place within. It is so much like Joseph’s
coat of many colors, that his brothers rejected. And yet which represented the multi-nations, genders, and variety of people
the Lord shall have under His true TENT. For there shall be those of every nationality, young, old, men and women.

All will be welcome if they bring their material, their person into the making of the Lord’s ASSEMBLY TENT.
Giving our all, makes room for us inside His tent. but this one was surely going to collapse and be shredded when the
honest and courageous men took their material out, and walked away, to build a different tent, constructed and made by
the Lord. For there, there will be those of all ages, and genders, and nationalities... all special different, bright,
colorful and individuals, who all love the Lord and who all will stand up for fairness and His TRUTH.

What's your interpretation ?     What are your dreams ?   And let's figure out what the Lord is trying to say to us, through
you !!!

Love-in Him

Trixie and David
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