David Jay Jordan
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O.K. The Arab Muslim countries are now in turmoil, and there won't be unarmed revolutions as seemingly happenned in
Egypt. It will come to push and shove and wars. Engulfing Lebanon, Syria, IRAN, Gaza and more. America/Israel will attack,
under some kind of excuse, and it will escalate into a near WW.

This the event that brings on the COVENANT OF DANIEL.

Because it is all about the Temple Mount Brethren. All three major religions focus on the Temple Mount. Jerusalem has to be
an international city. The Jews donot have any claim on the Temple Mount area, as it is under Muslim control, and hence they
can not build their THIRD TEMPLEthere without absolute agreement and a security pact with all the Muslim world and
governments. Its not a mere Palestinian agreement, but a covenant with all Muslim countries and its relgion with the Jews and
with the Christian church peopleand governments.

And the Palestinian Papers show that the Palestinian Authority has already started to negotiate wgat they can get in exchange
for giving up land rights to the Jews.


This is not a minor issue, but paramount. As the Prince of the Covenant of Daniel, is the one who solves completely the whole
problem of the Mid East Wars with his solution for peace and the cessation of violence. Its a stroke of genius, yet already
portented by the Lord and destined to come about by the Lord thousands of years ago.

Is Erekat, the Prince of the Covenant... I doubt it, but surely a precursor player and diplomat. Nevertheless it is in the works
and IS why the next war has to happen. Its always  so called order out of chaos, for the NWO. And hence this next war, will
bring in the Covenant, we have so long been waiting for.

The Covenant allows the false THIRD TEMPLE to be built, and hence the second hindsight EVENT of the Last SEVEN
YEARS will have been confirmed, and we had better know our marching orders by THEN or it will come way too fast to react


Your choice.

Temple Mount Negotiations Started