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March, 5th 2011

Two minor or major notes.

Surkov is handsome not of a fierce countenance. His look is not AC like according to scriptures normal interpretation.
AC Face

The AC is suppose to look like hell and be fierce and growling and terrible in countenance Right ? Yea, that's what I thought.

But maybe not, His image that will be displayed around the world, on the MARK, might be just the opposite, godly and
comely outwardly and yet inwardly he can be a devil and a wolf and a serpent. We know he is a total counterfeit, so why could
not the AC be angelic like and handsome, as another means of deception.

Maybe only the elect can see through the facade and his shallowness, for his heart has to be totally evil and wretched and ugly.
Surkov is handsome..

Number TWO....

I must have wrote down about ten articles on our High Priestess and her lineage... and yet never named her exactly even though
a real searcher of any magnitude could have easily narrowered her exact name down to whom I was referring.

Yet, because I saw her last name at birth mentioned again on the site we are now focusing on, I think I shall state it.

Saint Claire - St Clair - it means HOLY LIGHT.

It deals with the dark side, and maybe the woman I am referring to is on the dark side and will not change over to the right
LIGHT side, and we shall have to look for another St. Claire, holy Light High priestess with the same parallel characteristics.
But there be the NAME at Birth. And you can find it among the research at

http://watch.pair.com/new-israel.html#24.A.OT and hyperlinks

which reminds me ..... of another.


Surkov and St. Claire Faces