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March, 5th 2011

Rothchilds is a family name you have associated with the NWO or Illuminati, but how much do you know about them and
their organizations and how it fits into current events and past history and PROPHECY.

It all deals with the Son of a Widow

Rothschild means ËœRuth's Child" as Ruth was a widow, who was loved by the Lord, and was faithful. Her beauty and
personality from the Lord, was noticed by Boaz, a rich landowner in the lineage of the House of Judah. And she seduced him
and Boaz married her and produced a son. SEE  
Ruth uncovered Boazs feet

The son of a widow, who then sired Jesse, the father of King David of Old.

So now go to this website and its hyperlinks, and read and study carefully. It has truths, mixed within if you are discerning.
For although disjointed and rambling and with errors, some principles and links can be established and be very helpful in


For eventually you will figure out, that the Illuminati as I have been saying will try to establish the link between their evil
lineage and the Lord, the son of a widow. They will try to say, a new Solomon has come to His Temple in Jerusalem and has
every right to be crowned King of the World and Messiah by all.

But he will be Russian, and seemingly a son of a widow, and seemingly from the poor and impoverished common folk, but in
reality he will have been set up to be groomed from birth to be the ANTI-CHRIST.

He will be sponsored and taught by the Rothchild's and Illuminati, and this link joins together their history of manipulation
through organizations and banking to todays banking control of the world.

The borrower is servant to the lender, and the Rothchild's or Son of a widow, Ruth are the lenders, who control all.

It connects up Masonry, Bible History, Banking cartels, World Wars, until this final emergence of People Power and the Rise
of their Anti-Christ. (Surkov ?)

Yet, their negative manipulations are paralleled by our true lineage of the Lord from Ruth, and all the sons of a widow down to
our End Time Leader King David of the End Time. Because the Lord’s Light is always brighter than the devils
darkness. Thus making us wiser than serpents, and able to fight to the End.

Onward Christian Soldiers


Surkov - Rothchild's - Son of a Widow