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The Starving Lack Manners
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Allow me to state an experience or truth, I realised long ago but which I have never written down.... as doing this might
encourage others that are well feed to have more MERCY and underSTANDING when feeding others who are starving
physically or sexually.

For the well fed definitely can afford to have good manners and be slow and proper and delicate in their mannerisms, and do
everything right. But the starving are so hungry that they seldom think about manners, and just want some food or some
sexual food. And Yes, they can be a little obnoxious or odious or clumsy, or selfish or do the wrong things, they are so

So do consider this, as comparing eating with or making love with the hungry versus eating with or making love to the well
fed is surely not wise. As you or we or I, might miss the depth and condition or spirit of those that are hungry and judge
them harshly or condescendingly because of our well fed status and self rigtheous FULL state of our stomachs or sexual

For before I was the hungry, the starving in a group where sex abounded and yet the poor brothers on the field that were
mere peons and slaves for the masters and leaders got no food, no sex only the crumbs from the masters tables once or
twice a year, while others gorged themselves.

Did the girls lovingly consider our plight NO, their was no glory, no advancement for loving the lowly and besides we were
not well clothed in power, or smelling of the incense of the chambers of power, but came from the field sweaty and hungry
and starving...and so they treated us as such, and withdrew, making us usually all the more hungry.

This while they praised the methods of the well fed and the elite who practiced different strokes of pleasure and refinement
among the rich and powerful and those overflowing in pleasues.

So Brethren if you get to the point where you want to NOT just make love for pleasure and UNION sake which is ohh so
GREAT and GODLY and delicious and SATISFYING, if you ever make love because someone is hungry and needs food
for their soul and BODY, do consider having more MERCY, and PATIENCE and LOVE and true HUMILITY for these
starving brethren or potennial brethren, and do overlook some of their poor manners, for they have been starving for love
for ohhh such a long time.

For there go we, except by the GRACE OF GOD, the GRACE of JESUS.

So rather than just sahring food among the wealthy and those that already have, do consider sometimes having a fEAST for
others or a single that truly needs a meal, a hug, a kiss or love-making to inspire their soul.

For soem have entertained angels unawares, as they may have been sent by us, by the Lord of LOVE to see if we do have
love. Or will we look at their outward appearance, their mannerisms and reject them, when the Lord wants us to feed them
in His LOVE.