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March, 5th 2011

This need lots more hyperlinks and even research as I did it basically from memory, and yet the precept must be right.... and if
you follow the thread of Surkov, and more importantly our King David, this does have significant meaning and application.

Do fit the pieces together, to help I shall add Rothchild's, son of a widow POSTING, connecting evil banking, to what has
happenned and is happenning NOW. in the next posting.


Son of a Widow

There is something special about widows and their sons in the Bible as it must point to a principle of the Lord.

First of all, the Lord says, ËœTake care of widows, do not desert them or ELSE. The Lord hates forsaking, and the pain of
being an outcast. No one should be fatherless and no one should be without a protector and care giver. Some of the worst things
happen to those men that do not take responsibility for their actions or for those that try to isolate and despise into oblivion
widows and the fatherless. Do the study and realize this from your personal experiences in real life. Never forsake ¦. You can
add but never, ever forsake.

Paul wanted to kick out widows under the age of sixty, but this was never Jesus commandment. Jesus took in the outcasts and
the despised and the forsaken. SEE

Anyone could follow him, if they choose to do so. He didn't turn back anyone that had a heart for him. The Samaritan woman
at the well was a widow, and yet she was the first to get saved by HIM. He loved widows, and all his true people and
prophets took care of them ever since the BEGINNING.

Rahab was forsaken or a widow and yet she helped win the battle at Jericho, and her whole family was saved. Elijah was fed
by a widow that gave all of what she had to the prophet, and sacrifice of love was rewarded with the life for her son. Jesus laid
on a widow's son and brought him back to life, the first personal resurrection of others by HIM.

For even Jesus himself surely was also a widows son, the eldest of Mary. For Joseph, his adopted father must have died, and
left Mary, Jesus' mother, a widow. Jesus knew the stigma and the principle for He had lived with it. Jesus was the son of a

Hence the PRINCIPLE OF PROPHECY, the parallel or archetype that must be followed and fulfilled also in the ENDTIME.
For this is why the dark side will try and fulfill their False Savior's confirmations by him being, a son of a widow.. (SEE Surkov
Posting as his lineage as a son of a widow)

But the major SIGN is not the AC being the son of a widow, but our End Time leader, King David being a Ëœson of a widow.
This added to all the other characteristics, he must fulfill to be recognized as our End Time King David. Not mere double speak,
from want to be's, but factual signs of His Birth, and Life that can not be manipulated but were created by and destined by the
Hand of God.

Characteristics of Two Witnesses )


PS) Rothchilds is a family name you have associated with the NWO or Illuminati, but how much do you know about them and
their organizations and how it fits into current events and past history and PROPHECY. It all deals with the Son of a Widow

Rothschild means ËœRuth's Child" as Ruth was a widow, who was loved by the Lord, and was faithful. Her beauty and
personality from the Lord, was noticed by Boaz, a rich landowner in the lineage of the House of Judah. And she seduced him
and Boaz married her and produced a son. SEE  Ruth uncovered Boazs feet. The son of a widow, who then sired Jesse, the
father of King David of Old.

So now go to this website and its hyperlinks, and read and study carefully. It has truths, mixed within if you are discerning.
For although disjointed and rambling and with errors, some principles and links can be established and be very helpful in


For eventually you will figure out, that the Illuminati as I have been saying will try to establish the link between their evil
lineage and the Lord, the son of a widow. They will try to say, a new Solomon has come to His Temple in Jerusalem and has
every right to be crowned King of the World and Messiah by all..But he will be Russian, and seemingly a son of a widow, and
seemingly from the poor and impoverished common folk, but in reality he will have been set up to be groomed from birth to be
Surkov, Son of a Widow)

He will be sponsored and taught by the Rothchild's and Illuminati, and this link joins together their history of manipulation
through organizations and banking to todays banking control of the world.

The borrower is servant to the lender, and the Rothchild's or Son of a widow, Ruth are the lenders, who control all.

It connects up Masonry, Bible History, Banking cartels, World Wars, until this final emergence of People Power and the Rise
of their Anti-Christ. (Surkov ?)

Yet, their negative manipulations are paralleled by our true lineage of the Lord from Ruth, and all the sons of a widow down to
our End Time Leader King David of the End Time. Because the Lord's Light is always brighter than the devils darkness. Thus
making us wiser than serpents, and able to fight to the End.

Onward Christian Soldiers



Son of a Widow