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As a point of discussion, could I mention that biblically, 'nudity' isn't deemed as a 'cure all for all ills' that have plagued
society since "Creation". Matter of fact, Adam and Eve were both naked when they committed the "original sin" of eating
from the 'tree of good and EVIL'. Nudity and supposed un-unashamedness didn't prevent them from yielding to their pride in
disobeying the Lord and choosing the evil tree rather than choosing the 'tree of life'. For nudity and sexuality had absolutely
nothing to do with the original sin.
Original Sin was Not Sex.

For the first commandment of the Lord was literally and physically that the Lord wanted Adam and Eve to make love and
reproduce ... "Be fruitful and multiply"

They only got ashamed of their inner motivations AFTER they sinned in rejecting the Lord's truth for the truth of the devil.
And then they fleed from the presense of the Lord and tried to hide in the garden. They were hiding not because of shame
from being seen outwardly, but from the shame of being seen for their inner wrong choices. And so this is where our true
ashamed-ness has come from. They and we are ashamed when our nude real choices are revealed before the Lord and we want
to 'cover them up'. And yet, the Lord sees right through all our cover-ups of excuses and pretenses as He knows our hearts
condition, just as he saw Adam and Eve hiding in the Garden of Eden. So being naked on the outside had and does have
nothing to do with our humble obediance to the Lord and His laws of love, from what I have read and from what I have

And yet, many nudists seem to think that merely taking off our outward clothes will automatically make society pure and
righteousess and without sin. This maybe idealized because in recreational part time nudist camps or after a day at the
'nudist' beach, nudists can sometimes feel euphoric. But in all realism, can anyone suggest that mere nudism is the key to a
New Eden ? I think not, as the nudity of the heart is much more important as it is so much more diffciult to reveal our inner
most motivations than
merely taking off some bathing suits.

For again when we reveal our inner beings and see that our hearts aren't always what they should be for a New Eden society,
then and only then, we might be able to take the first step towards making progress. As surely it will draw us, closer to the
ONE who is the ONLY ONE who can take away our common shame and bring us together in his 'Love', either with clothes
on, or his his semi-transparent linen on or being totally naked before HIM and ALL.

Just a thought. What do you think ?