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Silver Bullet and Dancing Bread
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We, (Trixie, Jay and family) were on some sort of journey when we at last arrived at a farm. It was well kept with a very large
barn. A woman started talking to me. She was very friendly and almost greeted us as if expecting our arrival. She was wearing a
long skirt like so many farmer's wives wear. Nothing too elaborate, just the normal skirt and clothes. Yet I never saw her
husband, but kept thinking that he was close by somewhere. We all went into the barn and she directed everyone upstairs to the
nicely kept rooms in the attic of the barn. My crew all went with the few possessions we were carrying, and me and the woman
went outside.

It seemed to be late Fall, as the leaves were turning colors and many of them had fallen and it was quite dry, almost as if a
drought had struck.The whole farm was on a large island in the middle of two rivers. Yet the one river we went down to was
really quite low. The lady kept smiling and talking so nicely to me, and then took out of her pocket a bullet and handed it to me.
I reached out my hand and opened it as she dropped the bullet into my palm. I closed my hand around it, even though noticing
that the bullet was open with gun powder coming out the side. But I didn't let this bother me in any way because it was a gift to
me from this kind lady.

She then proceeded to bring out a large flour bag. She reached in and pulled out a loaf of bread, and without further comment
threw it ever so effortlessly across the river onto the other side of the river. But when it landed, it got up and started slowly and
rhythmically dancing. The woman, then reached down again and took out another loaf of bread and threw it all the way across to
the far shore once again.

And it started to come to life and dance in rhythm with the other loaf. My eyes were so fixed on them I don't think I even
blinked. They started dancing together, as if to music, but I didn't hear any. They flowed together and moved together and
writhed together as if making love to one another. But it wasn't done harshly but in rhythm, so graceful and in time together,
until the one flowed into the other. They both became ONE. So instead of two, there was only one loaf of bread and it was just
the size of the original loaf. No bigger, they had just become ONE. But they didn't stop, or I should say, it never stopped
dancing even after flowing together, the bread still kept undulating and dancing ever so smoothly and erotically.

Then the lady took another half loaf of bread, a broken loaf of bread, and threw it over to the other shore. And once again, even
the half loaf of bread came to life and started dancing in unison with the full LOAF. They danced and moved in perfect harmony
and again flowed together into One whole LOAF of Bread. It was so beautiful and so amazing and I just watched in utter

Then somehow, the lady, the farmer's wife, or the angel, just stretched out her hand and reached across the river and grabbed the
Bread and brought it back, and presented it to me.

She said smilingly "There you go, you will never be hungry again " What a beautiful gift, I thought and then she said, "That silver
bullet I gave you can go off at any time and it is dangerous but it was meant for you as well"

For it was almost like I had passed the test, because it hadn't gone off in my hand,because I had no fear of it. It was dangerous if
in the wrong hands, but it wasn't going to hurt me." A few more things happened in this dream but I'll leave that for another
time, as for the Bread, what more can any angel give you than the Bread of Life if any of us want to receive Jesus. ( John 6:35
And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never
thirst.) The Bullet is like the lord's Words they are dangerous to those that don't have faith in them or for those that misuse
them, but with them they truly can be the greatest gift imaginable, and they are for our protection.

Love In Jesus  ........ Trixie

Well in my interpretation. The farmer's wife seems to be an angel or feminine guide, a wife of the Lord, the true farmer and
owner of the island and all things. he's not seen nor heard in this case, but He does seem to be close. And similarly you have to
remember that angels are not just masculine but also feminine as so many scriptures show. The silver bullet seems to be a test
we all would have to take, its simple and the Lord always seems to have them before we can receive His gifts. For again even in
the EndTime- encampment we can't just enter in on our own. If we don't pass the test, we aren't allowed in no matter what our
words and possessions in the flesh are...

So the silver bullet is a dangerous test, just as Communion with the Lord is very dangerous if we don't discern and respect His
dying on the CROSS for us. We can't drink the wine lightly or eat the bread foolishly without real love in our hearts. And
similiarly we can't hold the silver bullet without real faith without fear.

As for the Bread, again its scriptural because Jesus is the Bread of Life. And he and the Father and the Holy Spirit are three yet
blend together as One, for they are One. So when the bread becomes one through dancing and unity, this is scriptural and yet
beautiful symbolism once again. The half loaf being JESUS who was broken for us on the cross, and He also fits together with
the Father and Mother and are ONE. Yet we can eat of them in Communion and they can fed us, so that we will never be hungry
anymore. It's the Lord's promise in scriptures. And I got this on Good Friday, how amazing

Love to you all.... Trixie
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