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Sexual Mysteries
Sexual Mysteries 2
Sex and Science
Badmouthing Rahab
Bisexual Angel Making Love (Dream)
Calling Out Lord's Name at Orgasm
Christian Church Anti-sexual History
Don't build a Commune
EndTime Sexual Warfare
Forget Your Feminine Side
Give the Gift of Love at Christams
God is Bisexual
Heterosexual Sodom
Holy Spirit is Female
Holy Spirit Whispering and Study
Horny Horn of David
If you got it, Flaunt It
Incest is Biblically wrong
Jewel on the Forehead
Love Linked E.S.P.
Male and Female Sexually Equal Biology
Male to Male Sexuality in End Time Warfare
More Faith than Brethren in Past
Motivated by Love not Law
Missing (Seeds) Ingredient (Dream)
Non-condemnation of the 'Sexually Inactive'
No Condemnation of Libido's
No Sexual Worship in the O.T.
Nudism isn't Natural
Ode to Timothy and Trixie's Love
Overshadowing of the Virgin Mary
Paul's Dress Code Not the Lord's
Pearly Gates are 'Virgin' Pussies
Ruth had sex with Boaz
Sexual Climax in the Stars
Sexual Hospitality in the Old Testament
Sexual Energy Connects us to the Land
Sexual Worship only for Minority
Sexy Samson's Spiritual Power
Stand Up Against Rapists
Use our Sexy Minds to Search
Visualization of Magic
When Two Become One
Word against Incest
Sexual Prophecy
Sex in the Tabernacle
Sex in the Temple
Female Genitalia and Tabernacle
  Bride of Christ in Old Testament
Pearly Gates are 'pussies'
Pearly Gates of Virgin Temple
   Sacred Architecture
Prophetic Sexual Climax in the Stars
Standing Stones
EndTime Sexual Warfare
Sexy Star of David
   Horny Horn of David
2 Prophetic Pillars of theTemple
   Boaz and Jachin
Lord's Temple is Human
  Harmonic Circle of Tribes
Sexuality and Prophecy are intimately entwined, paralleling the truth that the Bride shall KNOW her Bridegrrom
(JESUS) because of their lovemaking and KNOW what He will be doing.
The following messages were first posted on the newsgroup of ours called Sexy Spiritual Christians, started in the
summer of 2005. If strong in the Lord and not churchy, do CUM and join us... we're at   .......
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