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Sexual Mysteries
The church people don't talk about Samson hardly at all, as his story is way too contradictory to their anti-sex doctrine to be
discussed much. So they tend to avoid him and his heroics in delivering the Lord's people. They usually considering his sexuality as
his downfall rather than part of his POWER. And yet we who realize the power of SEX, should see Samson as one of our hero's ....
and someone to emulate.

Why, because Samson's power was not just that he kept his mother's vow, in abstaining from wine, and abstaining from cutting his
hair, it was that he kept the vow of serving the Lord full time in all his actions. And no where was he told not to be red blooded,
normal and natural and sexual. He wasn't told to abstain from sex, so sex even with foreign women was NOT Samson's downfall.
Sex outside the normally allowed realm, was not Samson's demise.... but part of his strength.  I mean anyone that was as strong
physically as Samson, had to have had sexual strength and vitality as well, and a healthy mental appetite in doing what the Lord
created his body for doing. Biblically there was nothing wrong with a man going to a prostitute for sex, and that is what Samson did,
right in the midst of his enemies, the Phillistines. It seemed to be part of the plan, the Lord had for Samson.

And from reading about Samson's style, it seemed he was so sure of his strength and protection from the Lord, that he could literally
lounge around all day inside enemy territory among his women, probably having sex all day long with his lovers with the strength of
his divine member.

And if you notice from reading Judges 13-15, no where does it say Samson was big or muscular or worked out with weights etc. His
strength was from the Lord, and he may not have even looked strong. He didn't have the stature of Goliath, or even the height of a
Saul, and yet Samson, literally with just his bare hands killed a lion in the start of his ministry.

The Philistines being absolutely amazed by his strength, and knew that there had to be a secret to what made him strong... for he
was just a mere man like us and like them, and was only strong when the SPIRIT of the Lord descended upon him. This is why,
Samson was able to defeat a thousand Philistines with a jawbone of an ass. And hence, these, the enemies of Samson and the
Children of  Israel conspired with Deliah, to find out his secret to take away his strength.

Samson yielding to Deliah's charms and insistences, and teeling her what he should not have, for he then broke his vow and
subsequently his power. They cutting off his hair, but was his strength in his hair. Yes in a sense, because that was part of the
covenant he promised the Lord, in being totally separated for the Lord's service. For you see Samson like John the Baptist after
him, were consecrated from the womb to serve the Lord, and be the Bride of Christ straight from the womb... and Samson broke
this vow, not with mere sexuality, but in loving Deliah, the earthly woman more than his love for His Lord and Creator. And hence
Samson lost his power and strength.

This being the greatest lesson for us, our power comes from serving the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds and BODIES. We
can't let earthly loves separate us from our Eternal LOVE for the Lord.

In My Opinion


PS) When discussing this with Trixie this morning, she again brought out the part about the Mystery, or 'puzzle' that Samson first
posed to his Philistine wedding guests. Why because this Mystery, involves a great sexual mystery that it appears only the dark side
focuses in on....and yet which we should have an understanding of...

The Spirit of the Lord descended on Samson and when attacked by a young lion, tore the lion apart with his hands. Its carcase being
inhabited by bees that eventually produced honey... and so Samson made up this esoteric sexual riddle....

Judges 14:14 And he said unto them, Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.

This referring to Samsons exploits with the attacking lion, as young lions do try to attack the predominance of the Lion of the tribe of
Judah, the king of beasts, the Lord of Lords ... JESUS.

And to establish kingship, the Lord's kings are expected to prove their faith and courage by doing exploits, namely being stronger
than other lions. For remember did not also a young King David kill a lion that was attacking the Lord's sheep ?. And later on, in
the lineage of David, did not King Arthur have to pass tests to prove his kingship rights. And doesn't our End Time King also have
to rebuke the lion that comes out of the forest (2 Esdras 12)(
Endtime King David )

But there are much more parallels in lineages and family lines and the puzzle goes deeper than a mere killing of a lion. As the dark
side, understands this better than we of the LIGHT. For the sons of the Priory of Zion, the Mergovinians, think they are the Danite
sucessors to the throne, even though King David must come from the Tribe of Judah and not from Dan. And it is for this reason,
that the Mergovians, use bees surrounding their throne in their emblems.

They take Samsons bees and his honey Mystery as prove of their kingship over the heathen in the Last Days as they have been
promised this kingship over the world by the Lord, whereas the Lord has promised to separate us from them, by gathering us all
together as One. And they trying to use the secret of eating the honey of life, and the hormones of life to empower themselves, when
this secret was meant for us and NOT for them. But only if we have the FAITH for it, and only if we have the real LOVE of the Lord
in our hearts.

So you see, there is a lot more to the story of Samson than a mere sexual downfall. It has to do with empowerment, and Samson had
POWER, even sexual POWER. For the sweetness that comes from the strong, is esoteric language for the sweetness that comes from
the penis, and even the pussy of life. It is the heritage and the lineage, it was Samson's strength... and it is what leads to the power of
spiritual sacred sex, that we are getting to...in the ULTIMATE ceremony of empowerment... CUM-UNION.
Sexy Spiritual Samson