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Sexual Worship for Minority not Majority
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As a proponent of sex in worship not as worship, can I say that it is not for the majority of Christians but for the minority. For
most people could never ever, be mature enough as Christians to have any sexuality enter into their worship services for the Lord.
This mainly because they are part timers or even pretenders that just go to a church service once a week or once a month. And for
most, it is more for show and a social function than it is in worship to the Lord. So Yes, for these types of people who haven't given
all and dont KNOW the Lord at all or very little, THEN absolutely, they should not even consider having any sexuality in their
church service. If they did, they like the heathen with their golden calf would worship and serve the creation and sex rather than the
Creator. This meaning they would worship SEX and themselves. mainly because they, most likely, are already doing this with the
majority of their time and efforts.

But the UNION of the Bridgegroom (Jesus) with His Virgin Bride (us the real church) is ONLY for those that have gone ALL the
way for the Lord, in heart and soul, mind and spirit. To us, we only want to serve our King and Bridegroom, and in sexual worship
to Him would ONLY see Him.

Sexual worship is surely ONLY for a few, not the multitudes. It is for descreet, intimate, private ceremonies with only those we
absolutely know also LOVE the Lord with all their being. For others would just get our eyes off of Him and onto ourselves. And we
unlike the vast majority would have to have a GREAT RESPECT for the Lord, in approaching so close to him. We would have to
know absolutely that only His righteousness is why He would allow us to approach His Throne and His Bed of LOVE. We are His
mulitple bride not because of our own righteousness but because of His Mercy and His Grace. We are loving, because He has first
loved us, and we just want to give back to Him our ALL, soul, spirit, MIND and BODY. We would have great respect, and so would
know the danger in sexual worship, because He can see our hearts and motivations.

We would realize the impending dangers of not being in the spirit if calling unto the Lord, and in worshipping the Lord naked
and unashamed. We would have great FEAR if pretending to love the Lord if we didn't. For literally real COMMUNION, is a very
dangerous thing to perform if our hearts are NOT right. this whether dressed or whether totally naked before Him. (1 Corinthinians )

But the Lord's true Bride and lover would have experienced the Lord's LOVE, and human love and would know the difference and
would be mature enough NOT to worship sex but the Creator of Sex and Life. We would want to obey the First Commandment and
'Be fruitful and multiply' through Union. For Jesus would have to be our First LOVE. This normal church going Christians could not
say nor do..

And yet we, through our trials and breakings and humblings, would have wanted more than just superficiality. We would want to
LOVE the Lord, and fulfill His commandment to LOVE, To UNITE, to Care for and feed the sheep of the Lord's pastures, that we
create through our lovemaking. We are different than most church people, because we want to mate and make love to produce new
souls into His Kingdom. Ours wouldn;t be just a Platonic love of mere words, but Sexy Spiritual Christians would want to fulfill
verses not just sing about them...

Rom 12:1-2   I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable
unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your
mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Consequently, the true bride of Christ has established in their hearts and minds that sex was created by a very sexy Lord. We
hopefully wouldn't have doubts and fears, and pretenses, because we have spent long hours researching the Bible for the basis of
spiritual sex. We have searched our hearts and souls and determined beforehand our motivations in entering into a sexual service. We
have experienced the good and the bad and the ugly aspects of sex in the world so we know what real lovemaking in the spirit is.We
have counted the cost of getting close to the Lord, and yet proceed closer and closer in real love and service. For using sex in a
worship service is NOT for the weak but only for the strong and the mature, and only for those that really love theLord and who are
already in service to the KING.

Others can worship, how they choose and according to their faith, we would have no problem with that, even though surely they
would fight our worship services tooth and nail. They thinking our services sacrireligious to theirs, and unChristian. Therefore again,
our services would have to be descreet and private and only for those that truly wanted to unite with the Lord in heart, soul, MIND,
and BODY.

In My Opinion.