Atoms are sexual if you understand them. Each atom in its outer electron ring, is trying to stabilize and complete itself into a
stable shape, in which it is balanced electrically and geometrically. (SEE
Geometric Placement of Electrons)  It needs completion if
it does not have a full outer ring, of 2, 8, 18, or 36 electrons. It wants to mate and pair or find a polygamous arrangement. As they
can either accept or share electrons from an atom that has an electron available, or share more than one electron if it is in need of
two or more.

The atoms with an electron or penis to share have a positive valence, whereas the atoms that have a hole to fill have a negative
valence. Consequently you can easily see atoms as male or female. The females sometimes sharing more than one male if her need
is great, or needing a great male with a high valence or positive charge to fill her vacuum or hole in her outer ring.  For if they
would have taught us this simple chemistry of life maybe more of us would have desired to stay in chemistry and bring mating
pairs together in the laboratory and elsewhere.

Hydrogen is male and has an electron, or for symbolism sake you might think of an electrode. And an female oxygen atom has a
need for two more electrons in its outer ring, and hence needs two males to couple together with her to form a stable water
molecule. Her valence being –2, their single hydrogen atoms valence being plus 1. Consequently two hydrogen unite and mate
with a n oxygen atom to form water. And this also by the miracle of the Lord's design allows life on Earth to exist.

Consequently you can visualise molecules sexually, as stable or unstable couples or polygamous arrangements. They just want
completion and fulfillment, in being needed and appreciated, yet may separate under duress or different conditions to form new
liasons, but always keeping their individual traits.

If atomic valences and the electrical charges of different atoms were explained this way, maybe more of us would have gone
further into the amazing world of the Lord's chemistry !

Sexual Valences of Atoms
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